texting my bully | lrh

Luke Hemmings is the true definition of a "Bad Boy"...
But is he really a "bad" boy??


3. Chapter 2 - kiss

Leila's p.o.v.


I walked down the dimly lit hallways of the school towards the lockers. I usually got to school early to avoid Luke and his posè. and to have an hour or so to chat with my boyfriend calum, but instead of calum waiting for me at my locker, Luke was. my eyes grew wide with fear and confusion as I walked slowly towards Luke, who was blocking my locker and smirking at me. I slowly approached him.

"h-h-i....." I stuttered nervously as Luke's face softened. he pulled me into a hug before speaking

"when does your boyfriend get here baby?" Luke whispered lightly into my ear, his arms still hanging onto my waist, sending unexpected chills down my spine. I tried my best to gather a coherent response

"h-he should b-be here already-y" I stuttered, my voice a bit shaky from nervousness. Luke finally released me from his firm grasp, and pushed me against the lockers before speaking again.

"good" he spoke softly, his face inches from mine, making me blush.

"then I bet he'll love to see this." Luke said with a smile before softly placing his lips on mine.

he attempted to deepen the kiss but I wouldn't let him. instead, he managed to slip his hands underneath my black blink-182 shirt while I played with his hair. the kiss was getting a little too heated but before any one of us could pull away I heard a familiar voice. it sounded hurt and in pain. it was calum. I quickly pulled away from Luke, who looked very proud of himself.

"Leila?" calums voice cracked, shattering my heart into a million peices.

"cal. I-I can explain" I struggled to find the right words to say to him. he looked like a little kid who lost their blanket.

"you don't need to." calum said, a tear slipping down his face

"we're done." he said before turning around and walking away.

why me?

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