.... it crumpled on the floor into a ball of white paper, no strings of letters or numbers to speak of and that was the only evidence out of the whole world that something inside of me felt broken......


7. Part 6

Monday came soon enough. I had managed the entire weekend acting normal- because I could not help it. My parents are my parents right? I cant hate them straight away. But Monday was going to be different.

'You keep saying that' Myself said.

' I mean it this time.'

I had my breakfast and got into my school uniform. Looking in the mirror, I sighed. School. Another problem. I enjoyed the lessons and my friends but I hated my haters. Murtaza was on top of my list. 

'I'm not going to change my attitude towards my parents. I'm going to change altogether'  I decided as I descended down the stairs, Myself following.  Dad was already out the house, his car keys jingling in his hands as he strolled towards the car parked right outside.

' Lets do this! Operation Catching Fire!' What are we going to do exactly?' Myself asked.

' Do you want an honest answer?'

' That would be helpful.'

'I dont really know.'

I heard Myself scoff under his breath as I sat in the passenger seat.He re-entered my body just before the door closed, but I could still hear him in my mind.

My dad started up the car and began driving towards Starbank Secondary School.

' The weather is quite gloomy today isn't it?'

I decided to just look through the window and admire the awful view of dead trees and bushes zooming past in blurred shapes, because I am not going to make small-talk with someone who does not trust me enough to make my own friends, lets be clear about that. The sky was a miserable shade of blue, the sun's golden rays were blotted out by the clouds which were pregnant with profound sorrow. Silence meandered menacingly, kissing my cheek and bellowing her triumphant cry. Dad continued to speak.

' The forecast said today would be rather sunny. Bloody idiots. They make such random guesses and expect the whole world to believe them. Educated people would never make such mistakes. They dont go along with the rat-race but they follow a new path that they will create. School is just the starting point for you, but its the most important. You are going to build up your life from there- think of it like the frame of a house. If its strong enough it will support it- but if it isn't then everything will come crashing down. Are you okay? You're quite quiet.'

Everything tingles. My blood. Bones. Skin. And my lips as I say ' I'm fine.'

I'm going to have to motion like everything is okay before I'm going to do what I do because I do not really know what I am going to do.

'Thats why I'm here. To help you' Myself whispered in my head as Dad hit the brakes abruptly.


I watched the van driver shout something back that we could not hear because of the beeps and horns from behind us. He reversed back into his parking spot and allowed us to carry on driving. My dad shook his head.

'Stupid people these days.' He muttered.

It was a few minutes before we arrived to school as Dad struggled to find a parking place of his own.

'' That headteacher of yours is so annoying'' he said, '' Why the hell is he telling us that we are not allowed to park in front of the gates? When its the early hours and everyone is going to school, theres no place else I could park? What does he want me to do?''

'' Obey the rules.'' I said, too quietly for him to hear. Somehow he found a spot that was empty further down the road. I opened the door without saying goodbye, and slammed it shut without saying sorry.

'' Well aren't you the feisty one?'' Myself mused, removing himself from my body and walking alongside me.

I smiled at this. Today at school was going to be very interesting..... 





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