.... it crumpled on the floor into a ball of white paper, no strings of letters or numbers to speak of and that was the only evidence out of the whole world that something inside of me felt broken......


6. Part 5

​' So I realized you think that you are going to have another failed friendship- this time with Haris'

' How do you know that?' I asked

' Are you serious? All night you were talking about him and how much he means to you'

' Was I?'

' Yes, and I dont think I've heard anything so cheesy before.... YUCK!'

' Thats not very supportive'

' I'm not meant to be very supportive'

I watched Myself come out of my body and sit next to me. It was like looking at a reflection. I decided to blur out the edges of his outline to give him a more ghostly affect.This game was fun. It looks like Myself was reading my mind again, because he said:

' A game? You think I am a game? This is how you treat me after I offered to help you with Haris?'

' What? You never said anything about that'

' Okay how about this. You have a long-list of ex-friends who you were once best friends with.  Every single one of them now hates you and you hate them and you are scared that the same is going to happen between you and Haris, right?'

' Right....' I said, having no idea where this was going....

' But it wont end like the rest. Trust me. I am you and you are me. Trust yourself. You already know that Haris is different- he is nothing like the others. You share a strong connection with each other that will never break. It may be a bit scarred by what your parents think, but I will help you mend it. Do you accept my help'

'Yes I do!' I responded, feeling a lot more confident with Myself. I could do this. I could get Haris and I back onto an unbreakable friendship!

' Thats the spirit! We will call it operation ' Befriends' !'

' No way! Thats a stupid name!' I grimaced.

' Operation 'Hamaan'

' Thats is just combining mine and Haris's name together. Not creative at all.'

Myself pressed his hands against his head. ' What about ' Catching Fire'?'

' Okay then. Operation Catching Fire it is!'


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