.... it crumpled on the floor into a ball of white paper, no strings of letters or numbers to speak of and that was the only evidence out of the whole world that something inside of me felt broken......


5. Part 4

I woke up at nine o'clock with a tear soaked pillow and a thick, tangled jungle of hair on my head. I rushed downstairs, to find my mum making breakfast as I went to the bathroom to find some form of sanity. 

'I am not crazy' I told myself.

'Really? Yet you seem to be talking to yourself. How funny.'

It was not funny at all. My friendship with Haris was wounded so bad that I had to resort to some imaginary-self, who is not real but...

'Can hear every word you say' He said.

'Ugh. How can I get rid of you?'

'So thats the response I get for keeping you company all night?'

' There is a difference between keeping company and annoying all the living shit out of me.'


'Amaan! Who are you talking to?' Mum called from the kitchen.

'No one' I responded from the bathroom, turning the tap. I washed my face, then buried my face in the towel. I splashed some water onto my hair then swiped it twice with a comb.

'As dashing as ever, you little devil' I smirked at my reflection. I loved the way my face looked more.... alive and full of fire. Something big was going to happen, I did not know when or what but I knew it was going to be huge. 

I vowed that I was going to be different towards my parents, more rebellious but reserved if that made any sense so 'why the fuck am I acting normal?' was the question that floated into my head as a plate of toast was given to me. I'm supposed to be making a big scene, not playing along ever so nicely. Despite everything, the toast was great, sided with a pair of boiled eggs and washed down with some water. I've always had a healthy diet- which is probably why I've always had a lean and muscular build. 

The day went slowly, I did not do much apart from the usual: reading my favorite author's book, doing more homework and chores. 

'How long until you realize I have not been annoying you?'

Despite my grumpy mood, I actually laughed at this. They say talking to yourself is the first sign of madness, its no wonder I had myself to talk to.

'I haven't given you a name yet have I'

'I was wondering that myself'

'Well then, I'm calling you 'Myself' '

' HA ha ha- You are funny'

' Yes I am' I said, sitting on the couch as I talked to Myself.






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