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"I'm sorry that I put you into this mess. It is better for you to leave."-Taehyung
"As much as I want to leave, I can't. I'm already a part of this and I can't get out." -(Y/N)


2. 제 1 장 | chapter one.

"Thank you for today, class. It's time for recess."

I put all of my things into my bag and headed towards the cafeteria. As usual, I left my bag on an empty seat and headed to the counter to grab my meals. After that, I sit back in and dip my spoon into the soup. While I'm eating, My eyes always look over to the corner of the cafeteria. Why? Because only on recess, I could see him. Making graffiti on a large sketchbook. It's already become a habit of mine. I don't know if it's good or bad though.

Not too long later, his friends came and surrounding him. They always disturbs Taehyung by messing his sketch, but Taehyung never mad at them. One of his friends, Hoseok, is my classmate at Poetry class but we never talked or even say 'hi' to each other. I tidy up my plates and bring it to the counter, which is near where they seat.

As I walk passed them, I saw Taehyung is closing his sketch book from the corner of my eyes. I smiled and put my plates on the counter. I walked back to my seat and grab my bag. What is my next class? Poetry class.

I walked in to the class, "Afternoon, Mr. Xavier" I greeted the teacher. "Afternoon, Mrs. (Y/L/N). You're early today." He smirked. I chuckled and sit down. "What are we going to do today?" I asked him. "As usual, making a poem." He said. "The theme?" I asked. "Something that you've been focusing on. Whether is it a person or something." He said. And straight away, Taehyung pops out on my mind. "Can I make it now? Before the bell rings." I asked him. "Sure." He smiled. I took out a piece of paper and start to write a poem.

10 minutes later, the school bell rings. A group of people walks into class, including Hoseok. He usually sits in the back of the room but since his spot is already taken, he sits right behind me. After everyone is settled, Mr Xavier starts to explain what are we going to do today. And of course, I already done it.

"(Y/N), would you please read your poem in front of class?" Mr Xavier asks me. I smiled and nodded. I walked  in front of the class, all eyes are on me. "If I read it, can I get an A+?" I smirked. "Only if your poem is really good." He said, with a smile on his face. I chuckled and cleared my throat.


By: (Y/N) (Y/L/N)

He was holding a pencil in his right hand

I watched as it danced all over his sketchbook

Creating a real wonderland

Right in front of his eyes

All of his drawings

All of his sketches

Have all different kinds of meanings

And stories

She is just a clumsy girl

who silently staring at him from the distance

who secretly protecting him

who always looking after him

Just look into the distance

Can you see her?

who was looking at you adoringly

I hope you do

"Well, that's a pretty good poem. I'll think about it." He smirked. "Fine." I chuckled. I give my poem to him and walked back to my seat. As I walked, Hoseok always have his eyes on me. "What?" I asked him. This is the first time I talked to him. He shakes his head and continue to write his poem. "Okay. Who's next?" Mr Xavier asks the class.

The school bell rings again. I put all of my things back into my bag. I walked out of the class but someone grab my arm. I looked over, and it's Hoseok. "Can I ask you a question?" He asks. I nodded. "That poem.. It's about Taehyung, wasn't it?" He asks. "Why are you so sure that it was about Taehyung?" I asked him, because I don't want him to really know the truth. "Because he's an art student." He said. I chuckled, "There are many other students in art class, dude."

"And he's the only guy who draws 'a beautiful spacious meadow' in his class for last year's competition." He said. Whoops, he knows it. "Okay. You got me there. It is about Taehyung," I said to him, "But don't tell him about this. If you do, I'll punch you in the face." I said to him. He chuckles, "Fine. I won't tell him." He said, "No promises though!!" He said and runs away. "Hey!!!" I shouted, but he didn't turn around. I sighed. Fine, if you want to tell him, fine, go ahead. I don't care.

* * *

P.s: I know that the poem sucks. I'm not really good at making a poem lolzz. Sorry if it doesn't make any senseu~

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