Beyond the War

September 20th, 1939. A small girl, and a humungous war to face. Kelilah and her younger sister Tamra has to escape the Natzis. One day Tamra is ill and Kelilah has to become a completely different person to save her dying sister. Through her journey, she meets a boy who might change her life...


4. Think Quickly

My heart spend as fast as the rain pounding against the old barn. What will I do to keep her alive? For minutes on end I thought about what I could do. Finally after a good thirty minutes of thinking I came up with an idea. I took a piece of straw from the barn and tied up my dark curly hair into a bun. Remember I had a hat in the pocket of my dress, I slowly put the hat on my head without my hair being seen. Then with all my might I ripped a piece of my dress into two smaller pieces. I tied them together to make trousers. Or at least I thought they were. After explaining to Karma that I would be right back, and that I would find a safe place with food, I fled like the wind.


I raced around corner after corner like a shadow. I could hear people shouting, and the ringing of the sirens in my ears. I turned another corner to see a fruit and vegetables shop. It looked abandoned so I crept up to take an apple. An before I knew it I heard a shout behind me.

"Hey! Stop there young boy!"



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