Beyond the War

September 20th, 1939. A small girl, and a humungous war to face. Kelilah and her younger sister Tamra has to escape the Natzis. One day Tamra is ill and Kelilah has to become a completely different person to save her dying sister. Through her journey, she meets a boy who might change her life...


10. Shit

Shit. Just shit. What now. Ok, trace your steps back. Step 1. Find Help or medicine for my sister. Step 2. Bring it back to home base. I look up at the rolling sky, the clouds moving so swiftly likes crowds of people escaping the war. I look back at the boy. His eyes the color of spring and trees swaying in the wind. "Hello??? Are you deaf or what?!" he peturbs me from my deep thought. "Yeah, I'm here." He walks towards me with a slighty tilted gait and his laces hanging behind him like a stamped of horses trying to catch up with the chariot. "So what do you need?" he says in a mocking way. "Well.. Um I need help." I stutter slowly. "Ohhh you need help??? With what???" as he talks to me like a two year old, trying to pronounce every word ever so slowly. "Ughhh stop it!" I say starting to get annoyed. "I need to get past that gate and find help." I say sharply as I start walking towards the gate. "That gate?" he says almost choking on his spit.

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