Beyond the War

September 20th, 1939. A small girl, and a humungous war to face. Kelilah and her younger sister Tamra has to escape the Natzis. One day Tamra is ill and Kelilah has to become a completely different person to save her dying sister. Through her journey, she meets a boy who might change her life...


2. Hiding

Panting, I ran around the corner holding my little sister's hand. I vaguely remember the moment running by the Natzis, almost getting caught. Karma started to whine. "Where are we going? I'm scared!" To make Karma feel better I started to hum the song our parents would sing to us when we were little. Two years ago they were caught by the Natzis. They promised they would come back, but they never did. Back then Karma was two years old, so she doesn't really remember what they look like.

We sat under an old rusty barn not far from where the Natzis were. It was pouring, and the sky looked like smoke. I could hear gunshots in the distance. I thought of all the people getting killed because of their religion. I thought of how lucky we were to be far enough from being killed. Or maybe we were as close as someone whispering a secret in your ear.


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