Beyond the War

September 20th, 1939. A small girl, and a humungous war to face. Kelilah and her younger sister Tamra has to escape the Natzis. One day Tamra is ill and Kelilah has to become a completely different person to save her dying sister. Through her journey, she meets a boy who might change her life...


9. Daylight

As the boy pulls me out I wonder if I should really trust him. He doesn't "look" like me. He's different and a little odd. He's wearing grey trousers with black boots and the laces are untied. His messy dark blonde hair looks like a storm in the middle of summer. He extends his hand to great me. "Nice to meet you Miss. I'm Karl." I slowly extend my arm out like a baby bird extending his arms to fly for the first time. "I'm" I stubbled over my words. Could I trust him? Earlier he seemed nice, but how could he a tracked me down to the jail? Wait he can't enter the jail... How did he not get caught? Wait. Unless he's... Oh no. This is not good. Not good at all. I need to get away from here right now.

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