The Death of Mrs. Rumbles

When you go in the kitchen for an important call, but find your last words to be "You're Fir..."
Cover by Clairey160, they have a cover store. Go check it out!


1. The Reunion of the Summer 3 years ago.



I knew the Rumbles for ages, but they never, ever hosted a dinner party. “Welcome, to the Rumbles household,” The butler politely held the door for me. When did they get a butler?

I walked into their new and improved grand “foyer.” Dazling chandeliar, two spiral stairs and big enough to be a ballroom.

“Elizabeth!” a familiar voice excitedly shouted. I turned around to see, lovely Mrs. Rumbles running towards me, “Peggy!” I shout as she ran into me for a long-awaited hug.

“I never knew James invited you,” Peggy started, “I am so happy he did, I was dying to see you again!” she hugged me again. The last time I saw Peggy it was summer 3 years ago,


“Come on, Elizabeth it’s not that cold!” I could hear Peggy shouting on me to jump in the pool. “And miss what happens next on Glee, Nah uh!” I shouted which turned into a laugh, only I, Elizabeth Buggsbee, will bring a laptop to a swimming pool to binge watch Glee.

“You know what, I don’t really want to swim anymore,” she climbed out the water and plopped herself next to me, “I don’t really want to swim in the same pool as James Rumbles, he revolts me,” she did that stink eye thing every time she sees him. “Not like you, Elizabeth,” she leaned in for a kiss on my lips.


That summer will never be repeated, since she married the revolting James Rumbles.

“Everyone welcome to Mrs. Rumbles and I's first dinner party as a married couple!” Everyone cheers as he twirls Peggy away from me and dips her. Ending that little dance with a long enduring kiss.

I could see the discomfort in Peggy’s eyes, even they’re closed, they still twitch when she is in discomfort.

Everybody follows the couple into the living-room for appetisers and mingling. I knew everyone at this party, not many people came must I add, just the people from that summer 3 years ago. That’s weird, it makes me uncomfortable. 

"Elizabeth? Is that you?" I turn my head towards the voice. Wow. People do change. "Stacy? You look different! How much weight did you lose?" I exclaim.

She must be so happy to lose so much weight. She looks like a bikini model now. Stacy looks uneasy, like one of her biggest secrets in the whole world was leaked, she leaned in and whispered in my ear, "I didn't lose weight. I had a surgery to get rid of it," she went white as if everyone heard. 

Oh, that was surprisingly, not surprising? “Well, I had a disease that made it nearly impossible to lose weight.” She smiled and walked away to talk to Stephen.

Oh, Stephen he is so well built. No, he was so built. He lost all his defined and wonderful features and is just, well a body now and looks like he hasn’t worked out for ages but he still has muscle (in some form).

I scan the room to see who decided to come.

I see that Alex is still trying to steal Karla’s heart even though she is married now, Holly probably just came to read the first edition books James owns.

Wow, she already started reading Macbeth by William Shakespeare.

Lucy still has her good looks and is trying to chat up Alex (the same one trying to steal Karla’s heart), and finally there should be Jenna but I can’t see her or James or Peggy. I wonder where they went. To be continued.

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