How does one truly live happily when all she has to do is put on a girly and polite facade infront of her oh so strict parents. The going gets tough when her crush finally gets the guts to ask her out and when her brother is more aware of her behavior. Is life really as unfair as her parents make it? What happens when her boyfriend reveals his true colours to her? Will she be able to forgive him? What happens while she goes abroad to study? Will someone else help patch up the holes in her broken heart? Read more to find out. Please? (Sorry I can't do descriptions but I can assure you, the story is better than a very short description)


12. Chapter 11

I cover my ears over the sound of someone honking for the past 15 minutes. Kyushi and I were too weary to check it out the minute it started and we've been asking eachother to do it since. Not to mention that the honking has been giving us troubles in coping with the hangover headache

"No. You check that honking"

"Fine" she says in retreat. I can't believe I have finally won a battle with Kyushi. Finally, after years of trying. 

Mid way through my celebration, Kyushi says "Hey Riya, Isn't that your brother?".

I ran to her window to peek outside. She points at her front gate and true enough, my brother was there looking rather infuriated. Kyushi closes the curtain as I hurriedly pack my things. This was not the plan. I was only going home tomorrow. 

Kyushi helps me zip my bag that was filled with messy and untidy clothes. I carry it down, smooth out the dress I was wearing that Akuti gave and disentangle my messy hair. I hugged Kyushi goodbye and sunk in this feeling that I was going back to boarding school.

Once I got out, my brother just handed me his phone. 

"Hello Riya dear, we asked your brother to pick you up early because all of us have an important dinner to go to. Hope you are dressed well" my mum says on the phone.

I look down at my dress and utter "I think so. I'm wearing a dress. Is that okay?"

"Yes yes. Just hurry. Your brother has been waiting long and so are we" she says and hung up.

I turn to give my brother his phone, only to realise that he was already in the car waiting. I hop in his car and just lip sync to the music playing in my phone. 

When, we reached to our destination, all I saw out the window was a grand entrance with valet parkings. 

Once I stepped foot out from the car, I had to lift my head 90 degrees up to see the top of the building. I almost fell back if it wasn't for my brother's...car. my brother was no help at all in saving me but then again he's my obnoxious big brother. 

I saw my mum at the entrance calling out to me and my brother to walk faster. 

"Hurry up, the other family has arrived" she called and pulled my arm for me move forward.

At this point I was confused because what other family would meet my family. My parents barely interacted with anyone and they never really had friends either.

The minute I spot Akuti and her parents, I stop in my tracks.

My mum being the scariest person I know, whispers to my left ear "Why did you stop Riya!? Keep walking! Don't make a scene here or I'll make a scene at home"

I cursed in my mind and start to put the pieces together. 

We proceed to the table and join my dad. 

"So your son and my daughter are in love?" Mr. Lee asks turning stern. Turns out Akuti is a Chindian meaning, her dad is a Chinese and her mom is an Indian. 

"My husband is just joking. We're okay with the marriage of mixed cultures because all we want is our Akuti to be happy" Mrs. Lee says while hugging Akuti. I could tell that she has a really good relationship with her parents.  I mean for them to love her that much? She must be a goddess. 

"Wait, you two are getting married?" I ask obviously confused that they were getting married so fast.

Akuti and my brother nods at my question and I look at both my parents waiting for them to burst out in anger and stop this outrage, but instead, they just continue to smile and talk to Mr. and Mrs. Lee. I figured maybe they wanted to act nice and yell at my brother at home. Why did they even agree to meeting Akuti's parents for high tea then? Maybe my brother tricked my parents into agreeing? 

While deep in thought, my brother interrupts.

"Mrs. Lee asked you a question" with a fake smile. 

"Oh, forgive me. Could you repeat the question" I say with a soft smile.

Mrs. Lee smiles and asks "Aren't you happy that your brother is getting married?"

"Of course I am. Akuti is a nice person. She's like an older sister to me" I say as my brother then shoots me a warning look. The one that says I messed up.

"I'm sorry darling Riya, I didn't know you've already met Akuti" my mum says.

"Uh, I mean she definitely looks like a nice person and I bet she could be like an older sister to me" I say trying to fix up my mess.

Akuti laughs and says "Yes, it will definitely be fun to have you as a younger sister in law" adding icing on the cake.

Both the parents just smile and continue their conversation. Soon, it was past 8 and I couldn't stop myself from yawning. I guess it serves me right for clubbing till late last night.

"I guess we've discussed enough" Mr. Lee says with a stern nod.

"More like meeting up with new friends" Mrs. Lee clarified with a chuckle.

My parents, Akuti and her parents say their goodbyes as we leave the fancy restaurant. 

The whole car ride was overflowing with silence.

It was when we arrived home that my brother breaks it. 

"Aren't my parents going to tell me anything about my decision?"

I smile wickedly at the scene that my parents are about to abrupt.

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