the Twilight saga: Rising Sun

five years after Bella and Edward separate and Bella escapes with Renesmee to Colorado Nessie returns to Forks to visit Charlie for the summer and things haven't changed.


1. The place where everything fell apart.

 " Renesmee, its just one summer." my mother reminded me for the one thousandth time, her gold eyes boring into mine. "Its not a big deal." of course it wasn't to her, she didn't have to return to the place where everything in her life fell apart, the place she dreaded going back to....Forks Washington. I sighed and gave my best crooked smile " I know, but I want to go." I lied, it came easy when I gave her that smile " Renesmee Carlie Cullen Swan.." she chided tucking my Audborn hair behind my ear ;"Just try to enjoy yourself."  I sat in the plane chair sighing remembering her words , of course she would say that my mom was a optimistic...well Vampire. I was more like my father, Tall, Audborn haired with big brown eyes (my mothers) and Fair features...I was beautiful, but of course I wasn't entirely human. Seven years before my mom had came to Forks to live with my grandfather, Charlie and she met my father, who had a dark secret..he was a Vampire and well I was the fruit of their passions, the Hybrid, the freak who didn't fit in at school the girl everyone stared at from the time I hit puberty (fast by the way due to my aging). Which resulted in my home schooling, I was used to being different, but deep down it would be nice to have someone understand someone who I knew loved me like a soulmate..a brother, a protector. The plane touched down and I stumbled off looking around for familiar faces, none sticking out then I heard a voice a voice I knew " Nessie?!" I turned and saw him, my best friend in this universe " JAKE?!" I ran hugging him the tears streaming he gasped "Whoa easy beautiful!" he chuckled "you've grown!" I grinned and nodded he looked at me and smiled " Well same crazy hair.."  


Yea same old Forks

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