Whats Her Name?!

Once Upon A Time is a T.V. show


1. What is her name Dearie?!

 Snow White and Prince Charming walked down the dark tunnels their footsteps echoing the doom in the air. Only touches lit their way,Snow sat her hand just out of habit on her belly , the baby kicking her  reassuring her all was well. She slowly appoched the evilest wizards to ever walk the earths cell and a voice came out  using false surprise; " Prince charming and Snow white!" Snow stiffened and felt Charmings hand squeeze hers " You insult me, take off those hoods!" the voice bellowed. Snow slowly lifted her hood and the being sighed in sanctification " Tell me what I need to know!" Snow begged she had come to save not only herself ,but everyone she loved from a dark curse.The being stepped forward and Snow gasped the being was Rumpelstiltskin. He smiled " Ill trade, the secret for the name of your child." Charming stepped forward "Absolutely not!" he said ,but Snow was desperate "Done!"  he smiled a wide mischievous grin, as Charming looked at her like she lost her mind ; "What can stop this curse?!" she begged him. His hand stretched out touching her stomach "That little thing,growing inside your belly ,on her 28th birthday she will end the curse." Charming hit his hand with his sword and growled, "Next time, I chop it off." he turned him and snows backs toward Rumple and began to leave ," WE HAD A DEAL I WANT HER NAME!" he yelled behind them  charming turned and glared at Rumple  " It is a boy."  Rumple giggled a creepy evil laugh that made Snow cringe  " Come on Dearies, you know I am right." Snow took a breath ,and turned and said the most dangerous sentence she could ever say; " Emma, her name is Emma." she turned as the tears brimmed her eyes, she knew if Rumple knew her child's name he had power over her "Emma..." the voice sighed happily, " What a lovely name.." but Snow and Charming did not hear they were too far down the corridor "what a lovely name indeed." 

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