Love Story

It is about a 15 year old girl who is confused about her life.
She moved to a new place and two boys like her, but she likes this boy named Anakin.
Her friend likes the same boy. Who will win him over?
Will her friend go crazy?


17. Sleep Over Time

Daniela- "Finally you all are back!" I said as I opened the door.

Zach- "Hi, uh is Aria here?"

Daniela- "Hi, you are not who I was expecting. No, she is not. Can I leave a message for her?" What the heck is he doing here asking for Aria?

Zach- "Dang it. Just tell her to text me please, it is important."

Daniela- "Okay..."

Zach- "Actually, do you know where to find her?"

Daniela- "Yeah, at her house."

Zach- "Can you give me her address?"

Daniela- "Sorry, I can't unless she gives me permission to."

Zach- "Just tell her to text me, bye."

Daniela- "Bye." Why does he need to talk to her so badly? About 10 minutes later they finally get here and we all settle down and I say, "Hey Aria."

Aria- "Yeah?"

Daniela- "Can I talk to you alone please in my room?"

Aria- "Sure!" When we get to her room we close the door and sit on her bed. "What is it?"

Daniela- "Zach came by here about 15 minutes ago asking if I knew where you were at."

Aria- "Really. Did you tell him where I was?"

Daniela- "Yeah, I said at your house so he asked for your address, but I told him I had to have your permission to tell him, but he wants you to text him tonight because it is an emergency."

Aria- "That is weird, and thank you for not telling him my address. I will text him right now, but I am not going downstairs till I find out what he wants."

Daniela- "Do you want me to stay in here with you?"

Aria- "Yes please, I would appreciate it!"

Here is how the texts went:

Aria- Hi Zach, what is it

Zach- Hi Aria, I didn't think you would text me

Aria- Isn't that what you wanted? Now what is the emergency?

Zach- I love you

Aria- You know I have a boyfriend

Zach- I know, but you will hate me forever for saying what I am about to say

Aria- WHAT???

Zach- Please come outside

Aria- What the heck, how do you know where I am?

Zach- Just come

Convo over.

Daniela- "Do you want to go down there?"

Aria- "I don't know what will happen if I don't. Come with me please?"

Daniela- "Sure, I don't want this creep to kidnap you."

Aria- "Thanks Dan!" We walked downstairs and went to the front door and opened it. There were flower petals leading down the steps and to Zach. Dan and I followed them and walked up to Zach, in candles it spelt: Aria Will You Marry Me J.K.

Daniela- "J.K.? OMG Aria let's go, run inside now."

Aria- "Why?" She pulled my arm and started running inside. She closed the door and locked it. "What is going on?"

Anakin- "I would like to know the same thing."

Daniela- "Zach came over earlier asking if Aria was here and I said no, he must have waited for you all to get here, and to set up that trap."

Aria- "Trap?"

Anakin- "Where is that..."

Angie- "Let's go upstairs and watch him from there."

Daniela- "Good idea!"

Anakin- "What trap?" I asked when we got upstairs.

Daniela- "He had a gun in his hand, there were flower petals that said 'Will You Marry Me J.K.'"

Aria- "I didn't see a gun."

Daniela- "I did it was on the car behind him, he was going to either shoot himself or you. Angie what are you doing?"

Angie- "Calling the cops on this psycho."

Aria- "Babe... What are you doing? Please do not go down there." I started to cry.

Anakin- "He deserves to know how I feel." I said as I ran down those stairs and started to unlock the door as I heard sirens.

Angie- "The cops are here, let them deal with him." I yelled after him and held Aria in my arms.

Anakin- "I don't give a crap about this Zach guy, he should not be doing this to my girlfriend."

Aria- "Babe..." I shouted with a cry.

Anakin- The cops knocked on the door and said, "Please open the door, Cops are here and we have him secured." I then opened the door, and told them they can come in. "Aria please come here honey." Aria, Angie, and Daniela all ran downstairs to see the cops and Anakin standing in the  entry way.

Aria- "Babe!" I said as I ran up to him and gave him a hug. "Don't scare me like that again." I whispered into his ear.

Anakin- "I am sorry honey, it won't happen again. I promise." I whispered back.

Cop 1- "Aria, is that you?"

Aria- "Aunt Jessica?"

Cop 1- "Yup that is me! Aria, are you okay sweetie?"

Aria- "It is me too! Yeah, I am fine." I said as we hugged.

Cop 2- "Okay, Aria. What happened exactly?"

Aria- "I got here; Daniela pulled me aside and told me Zach, the one you arrested, wanted me to text him because it was an emergency. So, I texted him and he said c outside because he was waiting for me. Daniela and I walk out there and there were rose petals that lead to him, and by him there were rose petals that spelt out 'Will You Marry Me J.K.'" I took a breath than finished, "Daniela than grabbed my arm and said come on let's run inside now, I didn't know why. When we got inside, she locked the door and we ran upstairs to watch him and she told me why she grabbed me."

Jessica(Cop 1)- "Why?"

Daniela- "He had a gun sitting on the hood of the car behind him, he was either going to shoot her or himself. So I wanted to bring her inside to be safe from him."

Anakin- "And I thank you for that."

Daniela- "I knew it was suspicious from the start. He knows Aria has a boyfriend."

Cop 2- "And that is?"

Aria- "Anakin, it is Anakin."

Jessica(Cop 1)- "Awww, there is so much about you Aria I don't know. Do you want me to take you home or call your mom."

Aria- "Please don't, I just want to stay herewith my friends and I don't want mom knowing any of this happened. She won't let me go anywhere alone. And I need my freedom."

Jessica(Cop 1)- "I hear you Aria. I promise I won't tell her. Is there anything else you kids need?"

Angie- "I think we are good, as long as you don't let Zach go, I don't want Aria to feel unsafe."

Cop 2- "We got him. Well you kids have a good night! Bye." I said as I walked out the door with Jessica.

Jessica(Cop 1)- "Bye kids! Love you Aria! Text me later."

Aria- "Okay, bye. Love you!" After they left we all got ready for bed, we watched a few more movies then we went to bed, we fell asleep on the couches. Anakin and I were on one couch together, and Angie and Daniela were on another together.


*I hope you liked this chapter, sorry if it was too long.*

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