Love Story

It is about a 15 year old girl who is confused about her life.
She moved to a new place and two boys like her, but she likes this boy named Anakin.
Her friend likes the same boy. Who will win him over?
Will her friend go crazy?


13. School- 2 Years Later

Aria- I have been a senior for about a semester. Anakin and I are still together, and so are Angie and Daniela. I am on my way to school today for the last day before winter break. I can't wait to not have to do work and go out with my friends!

Anakin- I get to school and I see Aria standing there, she is super pretty today. "Hey Baby!"

Aria- "Hey Honey!"

Anakin- "Are Angie and Daniela not here yet?"

Aria- "Nope, I was hoping they would be here soon, so we can all walk in together."

Anakin- "Awww, you are so adorable."

Aria- "Shut up. Oh here they come!" I said playfully.

Angie- "Hey you two!"

Daniela- "Hey guys!"

Aria and Anakin- "Hi!"

Daniela- "It is so weird, you two talk at the same time and say the exact same thing."

Angie- "It is creepy."

Anakin and Aria- "Sorry."

Aria- "We can't help it, great minds think alike." I said as I kissed him.

Angie- "Ew. Let's go guys."

Anakin- "It's not like you two don't do it in front of people."

Daniela- "Whatever, lets just go. The bell is about to ring."

Aria- School has been out for about 10 minutes and Zach walks up to me. "Hi Zach."

Zach- "Sup, you wanna come to the party at my place tonight?" I hope she says yes.

Aria- "I don't know, I would have to ask Anakin."

Zach- "Forget about him, just come by yourself."

Aria- "I have to ask him, we might already have plans."

Zach- "Okay, well... If you can come, come alone please."

Aria- "I would come with Anakin if anything." Zach tried to lean in for a kiss and Anakin ran over a pushed him away from me.

Anakin- "Zach, not again. You know what happened last time you kissed my girlfriend. Beat it."

Aria- "Sorry Zach, I can't come to your party."

Zach- "Love you Aria!" I said as I got up and started to walk away.

Anakin- "Stay away from my girlfriend."

Aria- "Sorry Honey, I don't know what he was thinking."

Anakin- "It is okay Baby, I still love you."

Aria- "I love you too! So, I heard there was this Christmas party at Daniela's tonight. Do you want to go? It will be fun!"

Anakin- "Yeah, as long as Zach won't be there to ruin it."

Aria- "He has his own party that no one will go to." I said as I kissed him and gave him a hug.


*What just happened? Did you like what almost happened. Comment if you want them to actually kiss, or if you want Trent and Aria to kiss.*

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