Love Story

It is about a 15 year old girl who is confused about her life.
She moved to a new place and two boys like her, but she likes this boy named Anakin.
Her friend likes the same boy. Who will win him over?
Will her friend go crazy?


15. Daniela's Party

Daniela- I can't believe my parent's let me throw this awesome Christmas Party. So many people from school came, I though they would go to Zach's Party, he probably is lonely. Everyone is telling me my party is awesome.

Person 1- "Your party is epic!"

Person 2- "I don't know why I don't hang out with you more often?"

Person 3- "You and your party are cool! I like that your party doesn't have alcohol!"

Daniela to Person 1- "Thanks!"

Daniela to Person 2- "I have a lot a free time, come over anytime!"

Daniela to Person 3- "Thanks! Me too!"

Aria- Anakin and I got to the party we said hi to Angie and Daniela, ten we scoped out what they had for snacks. Daniela had a lot of snacks and drinks! There was a huge variety. A walked back up to Daniela and said, "Dang girl, did your mom help you set this up?"

Daniela- "Yeah she did, she baked most of it and bought as little as she could. Angie helped her while I set up."

Aria- "Well, all of you did an amazing job!"

Daniela and Angie- "Thanks!"

Anakin- "Wanna dance ladies?"

Angie- "Let's get this party started everyone!" When I said that everyone cheered and kept dancing.

Anakin- We all danced ate snacks and then it was movie time. We watched Elf because you are never too old to watch Buddy the Elf. After the movie everyone but Aria, Angie, and I left. "So what do you girls want to do now?"

Aria- "Good Question!"

Daniela- "Wanna clean up then we can talk? My parents want the house cleaned by the time they get back from their dinner."

Angie- "Sounds good to me!"

Anakin and Aria- "Us too!"

Daniela- "But first, lets put on some music to make it not so boring." We got done cleaning up and we put all the food away, then we sat down and talked for a while. "Hey guys, you wanna stay the night?"

Angie- "Yes, but I gotta go home to get my stuff."

Aria- "So do I, yes I would love to stay!"

Daniela- "You can stay too!"

Anakin- "Okay, but I gotta go get my stuff first."

Daniela- "You all go get your stuff. Good idea! Angie, you drive yourself home in your car; Anakin you drop off Aria at her house to get her stuff, go pack your stuff; then pick Aria back up, and pick up Angie too. My parents would be glad if it were only one more car in the drive way."

Anakin- "Sounds good to me!"

Angie- "Okay, will do."

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