Love Story

It is about a 15 year old girl who is confused about her life.
She moved to a new place and two boys like her, but she likes this boy named Anakin.
Her friend likes the same boy. Who will win him over?
Will her friend go crazy?


7. Asking Aria

Anakin- "Hi Aria! Do you want to come to my house to hang out?"

Aria- "Hey Anakin! Yes I would like to! Let me just tell my mom and dad I am going to your house for a bit." I walked over to my mom and I was thinking that this is really strange, he just told me the other day he didn't like me, what is going on. When I got to my mom I told her, "Hey mom! I am going to Anakin's for a little bit, his dad said he would bring me home after we ate dinner. Is that okay with you?"

Mrs. Montgomery- "Yes Aria, it is okay with me. Just make sure you text either your sister, dad, or myself when you get there, and when you are getting ready to leave their house. Love you!"

Aria- "Thanks mom! Love you too!" I said quickly and gave her and my dad a hug. I then walked back over to Anakin and told him I could come over.

They then got in the car and drove to Anakin's house. When they got there they went to his movie room and watched a movie together. While they were watching a movie, Anakin's family was doing something special upstairs.

Aria- We watched "The Fault In Our Stars!" That is the best movie ever, the movie is now over and I asked Anakin something. "What is going on, last week I thought you didn't like me, now you like me?"

Anakin- "I never said that, I secretly liked you, I just didn't feel like it was the time to tell you I liked you. I am sorry if you thought I didn't like you." This can't be happening right now, I like her, why didn't I tell her that night???

Aria- "It is okay. I still like you, I hope you know that." We got up and hugged for a long time.

Anakin- "I like you too Aria, I really do." I whispered while we were hugging. I am so thankful she still likes me! After we hugged we went upstairs, and at the top of the stair I stopped Aria, I kissed her cheek and said, "I have something for you, but first I have to put this on you."

Aria- "Okay!" It was a bandana, and he put it over my eyes so I can't see anything.

Anakin- "You just have to trust me."

Aria- "Will do!" What is going on? What is happening?

Anakin- I walked her to the kitchen and led her to a stool to sit on, she sat down, I moved to the other side of the kitchen and said, "You can take it off now!" I am so nervous right now will she like it?

Aria- I took off the bandana and the kitchen was beautiful! "Anakin... This is absolutely amazing! Can I hug you?"

Anakin- "Go ahead! I am glad you like it!" Then I stuck my arms out and we hugged. "I have a question for you Aria."

Aria- "What is it Anakin?" He can't be asking me to date him? Is he?

Anakin- "I really like you, and respect you. I also have your dad's blessing to do this, will you be my girlfriend Aria?" I am nervous she will say no...

Aria- "Well..."

Anakin- "What, do you not want to date me because of what happened?"

Aria- I don't know what to do, I know something that happened with him and another girl the other day...

Anakin- "Oh, gosh... Did you find out?"

Aria- "Find out what?" I am now going to act stupid because I already know what he did.

Anakin- "Oh, nothing, never mind."

Aria- "Well, now you have to tell me. What is going on?"

Anakin- "I... I kissed Angie the other day, but it is nothing now. It was a mistake, please, I really like you." I hope she still says yes.

Aria- "As long as you don't do it again if we date, then I will be your girlfriend. You have to promise me you will not kiss another girl when we are dating, you are with me, not other girls." I was still going to date him though!

Anakin- "I promise you that I will not kiss, or hug other girls while we date."

Aria- "I like you a lot, I will be your girlfriend!" Did that just happen?

Anakin- "Okay, what do you want me to call you then?"

Aria- "Can you call me Babe? What do you want me to call you?"

Anakin- "I will call you that babe, can you call me Honey?"

Aria- "Yes honey, I am gonna call you Honey Boo. Do you like that?"

Anakin- "I love that name! Now let's eat!"

Aria- Did we seriously just give each other nicknames? We are weird! I love him for that though! "I agree, I am hungry!"


They ate and hung out, then at around 6 p.m. she went home and they texted till 2 in the morning, and then they went to bed.


Hope you all liked this chapter, sorry if it was too long. But did he seriously just kiss Angie, then ask Aria to date him a few days later. What will happen when Angie finds out they are dating? What will happen when Aria confronts her best friend Angie about kissing Anakin? Find out in the next chapter!

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