Love Story

It is about a 15 year old girl who is confused about her life.
She moved to a new place and two boys like her, but she likes this boy named Anakin.
Her friend likes the same boy. Who will win him over?
Will her friend go crazy?


8. Angie Finds Out

Anakin picks up Aria to go hang out at the ice rank.

Anakin- I ring the door bell and Aria's sister Bella opens the door and says I can come in.

Bella- "Hey Anakin! Come in, she is almost ready."

Anakin- "Hey Bella! Okay, thanks."

Bella- "So... what are you two going to do today?"

Anakin- "We are going ice skating."

Bella- "Sounds fun!"

Anakin- "I guess I should ask this... Does she like to ice skate?"

Bella- "Like... she loves ice skating! The very first time she ever went ice skating she did a triple spin."

Anakin- "She never told me that. Well, I am glad she loves ice skating!"

Bella- "You two are super cute together. Let me go upstairs and get her real quick, stay here."

Anakin- "Okay, will do!"

Bella- I ran upstairs to Aria's room and said, "Anakin's here, he is downstairs waiting for you in the entry way. So... HURRY UP!!!"

Aria- "Okay, I am coming." I walked downstairs to the entry way and hugged Anakin. I want to kiss him so badly, but I don't want to around my family.

Anakin- "Hey Babe!"

Aria- "Hey Honey Boo! Let's go!" We walked to the ice rank, which was around the corner from my house, and when we got there we got our skates on and sat on the bench for a few minutes just talking.

Anakin- "I love you!"

Aria- "I love you too!" I kissed him as I saw Angie walk in and head towards us.

Anakin- "Want to go skate now?"

Aria- "Well, here comes Angie."

Angie- "Hey you two! What are you doing here?"

Anakin- "We are on a date."

Angie- "When did you two start dating?" I said with a little attitude.

Aria- "Yesterday, but it feels like a longtime ago."

Angie- "May I talk to you Anakin, alone please."

Anakin- "I will be back in just one second Babe." Angie and I took a few steps away from Aria, "Yes, what you need?"

Angie- "I thought you liked me, and we had a thing going?"

Anakin- "I never said I liked you, and that was a one time thing. I am sorry, but I am with Aria now and we can't have anything between us."

Angie- "We can't even secretly date?"

Anakin- "I am sorry, but we can't. I am in love with her and have liked her since I have seen her." I walked back over to Aria and I held her hand and kissed her hand real quick.

Aria- "Angie, so I heard you kissed Anakin the other day."

Angie- "I did... and you can't do anything about it."

Aria- "Okay, and now I am dating him, he is my man, so please... don't kiss him anymore."

Anakin- "You don't have to worry about me kissing her anymore Babe." I said as Daniela walked over.

Angie- "Whatever, Aria... I thought we were friends. Now you go and date the guy we both like."

Aria- "We agreed that whoever he asks to date him, can date him and the other one will not be jealous."

Angie- "Well... It was supposed to be me, he kissed me first, and I am not you... other guys I bet will want to date me... Like Zach or Trent. I would prefer Trent though."

Anakin- "You are the one who kissed me, and go ahead and date one of them."

Angie- "I might not date one of them..."

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