The little things that count

A true story that really explains the quote "Its the little things that count"


2. Joe

"I'm Joe. Nice to finally meet you in person! Sorry Ms Kash, i didn't catch your real name?" "Quin," I smile gently in his direction locking eye contact "it's a pleasure." Joe let out a faint smile and his eyes scanned my body up and down. "Would you like to get some coffee to discuss the statistics for Charlie"

"I'd love to but I'm in a slight rush. It's my wedding anniversary today." I raise my left hand and flaunt a diamond ring in his face, almost slapping him. He grabs my hand and interlocks our fingers, pulling me closer to him within a single second. Two centimetres away from his face, I wrap my hand around the back of his neck forcing his face forwards to kiss me. And his lips lock with mine. "Tell me about this Charlie." He picks me up and carries me to the table where my ass collides with a laptop and a mug full of pencils. He slowly lowers his kisses. "You're a lawyer. You work for people i don't like so i don't think I'll keep a little bit of my life a mystery for you." I pull down my black pencil skirt slightly while he rips his belt off his trousers urging them to slide slightly off. 

I grabbed the bulge, stopping him from undressing further and smirked," I'm late for the appointment, later?"

He let out a grin,"promise?"

I laughed grabbing my keys "Promise." 

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