A Complicated Love Story

This story is about an intense and dramatic relationship between two people in love.
Based on...well my life. It's a true story, and it's intense.


3. Was that a smile?

I had always been great at awkwardly ending a conversation, and not knowing how to continue it, but Derek didn’t seem to have that problem, at all. Somehow he kept the conversation going, on and on. I liked that about him, I mean because of that we've been texting basically nonstop, for a few days now. 

But here is the thing, even though we text all the time, we don't talk during school and stuff. The summer vacation is approaching, and i just hope that we won't lose contact while being busy. 

It's now monday, the week after we started texting. We just had biology, and were walking down the dirty hall. 

Carrie was telling me and the girls about her new crush on this guy from the grade above us, apparently he's super cute. As we're walking I spot Derek down the hall, outside his classroom. He's now looking directly at me, and wait...did he just...was that a smile? I smiled back, right before the girls and i entered our classroom. Apparently I'm not the only one who noticed the smile. The girls literally surrounded me, the second we entered the classroom.

-Amy! Did he just smile at you??

Hannah asked, before I got a chance to answer Ashley interrupted 

-He totally did, omg!!

They all started asking questions about Derek, and whether I had feelings for him and so on. I should probably mention that I hadn't told anyone except Selena about how we'd been texting. I just didn't want to make a big deal out of it, or get my hopes up, you know? 

-Guys, it was a 100% friendly

I tried to defend myself, even though I hoped it weren't true. 


They all said. I'm sure i convinced them...feel the irony. 


I was just about to go to bed, when i got a text from Selena:

Selena: Soo...i guess people know that ur texting now haha. Although r u alright with it? I mean ik u don't wanna get ur hopes up and all :/

Me: Haha, yeah. It's fine, but tnx <3

Selena: Alright...u can always talk to me :) But if that's it, then goodnight<3

Me: Night<3

I turned of my phone, and closed my eyes...



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