A Complicated Love Story

This story is about an intense and dramatic relationship between two people in love.
Based on...well my life. It's a true story, and it's intense.


1. Prolog


''Derek Thompson, the new kid. He was pretty hot, and  there was something interesting about him. He just joined my school in november, and he seemed to fit in perfectly…sort of. You see i have this friend, Amelia, and she is being picked on by all the boys in our grade. So of course also Derek, except afterwords he would apologize, and he was also not a total jerk. So all of us girls were talking about how maybe he just did it to fit in. Which was kind of annoying, cause we all thought that beneath all that he was nice? But time passed, and he kept on acting like a total jerk, and we no longer remembered how he was actually quite sweet ''

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