A Complicated Love Story

This story is about an intense and dramatic relationship between two people in love.
Based on...well my life. It's a true story, and it's intense.


4. Last days

It was monday, and believe it or not i was actually in a good mood. I mean I was so so tired because i stayed up until 3 o’clock texting Derek, but it's fine cause he's so damn great. 

The school days were freaking boring, and i couldn’t concentrate at all. All i could think about was him...

As the class ended, i saw Anna approach me.

-Wow, looks like someone’s distracted?

She teased, she clearly knew who I was thinking about. I blushed.

-I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about, Derek and I are friends.

She laughed. She obviously knew I was lying, but she also knew that she shouldn't dig.

-Whatever you have to tell yourself, just remember that these are the last days before vacation!!

-I know, it’s so exiting!!

We both laughed, and joined the girls in the hallway. We were sitting at a table, and I was facing directly towards Derek's classroom. A few minutes later I saw him, he stepped out into the hall, where some of his friends were. So   I sort of just watched him. You're right...I should stop and focus on the conversation. 


I woke up, friday morning, and god it was way to bright. But I had to get up, it was the freaking last day of school! 

I was pretty exited, although i’m not doing anything speciel. Oh well at least it’ll get me outta here. So i finally went out of bed with a smile on my face. You heard me, a smile. I mean my life was good, I had a flirt and one last day of school for six weeks!!

*Bell Rings*

Yup It's vacation time!! And well...I'm gonna skip telling you everything about the vacation. Basically Derek and i just texted 24/7 while being hours apart. He was very romantic, and we planned to hang out on the first day of school. I was pretty nervous...


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