A Complicated Love Story

This story is about an intense and dramatic relationship between two people in love.
Based on...well my life. It's a true story, and it's intense.


2. ''Hey''

It was late in June, and today was what seemed like a typical tuesday. We just got a 10 minute break from class, and everything was basically chaos. 

My friend Selena desperately tried to tell me a story from her vacation in the Netherlands. I could’t really hear anything, but it was something about a fruit farm? I really just wanted to look through instagram, i mean my phone was right in my hand, and not being able to hear anything was a total bust. 

- ..and there was like a billion peaches right there, just waiting for us!

Selena continued. But all i really picked up was peaches. I pulled out my phone, and i have no idea why, but i went through a bunch of my contacts and wrote ‘’Peaches’’, which was pretty random, but fun once people started answering. Selena had finished her fruit story, and we were both laughing about everyones confusion. One of them were Derek. I had never written to him, so he was pretty surprised. We wrote for a little while, and it was pretty fun.

*Bell rings*

As i walked out of class i saw Derek, a little further down the hall. He was talking to one of his friends from the class above ours. I watched them for a few seconds, until Anna interrupted me. 

-Hey, are you going home?

She asked, and well i was. So since we were headed the same way, we walked together. I just couldn't get Derek out of my head...I mean our conversation was extremely brief, and yet. I don't know, I just feel like there might be something there?

Anyways, Anna headed down a little road, and I was just on my own now. 


It was now 10pm, and I was laying there in my bed, thinking about whether or not i should try and text Derek again? I decided to ask my best friend Selena, so i texted her:

Me: Hey, I was just thinking about how we texted Derek earlier...

Selena: Yeah...? Haha

​Me: Well, haha, should i try and text him again? Uk, see if there's anything there?

Selena: Omg really?? Go for it!!

​Me: But won't it be awkward? Like, what would i even write?

Selena: Hmm...how about 'Hey'? Be spontaneous, you won't regret it :)

Me: Love u<3

Selena: Love u too<3

So I went back into my conversation with Derek, and wrote 'Hey'. I took a deep breath and told myself

to just go for it.





Sååå, første kapitel? Vil lige sige at historien er  baseret på mit virkelige liv, så det er lidt mærkeligt at skulle ud med, men jeg håber at i tager godt imod den. Kapitlerne bliver lidt korte og sådan, men til gengæld vil jeg uploade ofte <3 

Jeres mening betyder utrolig meget, især da dette er min første historie!!





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