Hogwarts, A Story *Marauders*

Amaya Lestrange: Awkward, and bad with both people and animals.
Glyn Scamander: Terrified, and trying - and ultimately failing - to be normal.
Halley Lovegood: Sarcasm, smirks, and mental breakdowns.
Lyra Emerson: Tragic backstory? You haven't seen anything yet.
Reyna Lupin: Being a Slytherin is harder than it looks when you don't belong.


4. Reyna Lupin

Hey everyone, it's Pen writing this chapter with the PoV of Reyna Lupin. As always edits and suggestions are welcome, as we all know I couldn't write if my life depended on it, as well as pointers to any spelling errors. See y'all at the sorting ;) ~ Pen xx

Reyna shuffled through the bustling corridors, the packed crowds not stopping her firm grip on Remus' elbow and his shoulder smoldered to hers. They were always like this, peas in a pod, never completely alone. She guessed it was just part of having a twin.

Suddenly, her arm was yanked in one direction, a sharp left into a compartment she hadn't noticed. Reyna stumbled forward, tripped over several suitcases and landed splayed on the floor - between 3 pairs of feet.

She felt the sharp gaze of the boys above her as they cackled, almost tearing up with laughter. Remus, her trusty cohort, stayed at the door, barely holding in a grin and not showing any sign of helping her up.

He's not risking his social life for me, then.

"Comfortable down there?"

A dark haired boy smirked at her while the others, re-rallied, started another round of raucous laughter. She was going to have to get herself out of this one alone. Reyna sat herself up and crossed her legs in a swift move, desperate not to show off her ever permanent clumsy aptitude, and placed her head between her two hands, imitating the stance of a child listening to a fairy tale.

Feigning excitement she piped up, looking him in the eye.

"Yes it is, actually, care to join me to join me?"

The laughter was shortly replaced with animated gasps. Apparently they weren't expecting a response. A smile playing on his face, the dark haired one stood up.

"We'll keep this one," He paused, shoving his hand towards her, "James."

"Reyna," she said, taking it to help herself up, "And Remus, my twin."

Their gazes flicked to Remus for the first time, scanning, quickly taking in his appearance.

"I can see the resemblance," James sniggered, not unkindly.

"Well, sit down then."

This time a different boy spoke, patting the seat next to him. His black hair brushed just past his ears and his pale complexion a stark contrast to the latter. His angled cheekbones shadowed against his face and his eyes sparkled with curiosity, finishing an smug look.

Smug Reyna blushed. She had been staring too long. Carry on like that and she would be kicked out of the carriage as fast as she was invited in.

All the other students had already made their way to their seats, in full conversation with new and old groups of friends. The corridor was deserted, keep for the food trolley pushing up and down the path, and she would be alone, not even Remus by her side.

Nope she wouldn't let that happen. Not again.


She started.

"Yes, patience love," She gushed, trying to hide her fears with sarcasm, a well known tactic. They seemed unconvinced, although considerably more amused.

Fine then.

To prove her point, she made a show of making her way across the carriage, brushing of each speck dust on her jumper from falling and stretching with deliberation before dropping with a thump on the seat next to Black, more elephant than butterfly.

"So what's your deal?" James questioned.

"As if I'd tell you" she snorted.

Please don't ask. Please.

"Come on, Clumsy''

She could feel the panic rising up inside her, dangerously bubbling below her ribs.

Oh god. And a nickname to go with it.

She hated being like this. Generally she was described as bubbly and confident, usually the source of comfort for others in need, but they didn't dig any deeper into her past. Or her brother's.

"Clumsy? You're one to talk, James. Didn't I see you tripping head over heels for that Red-Head earlier?''

Reyna looked at the black haired boy who'd interrupted, her eyes gleaming with gratefulness for less than a second, but he caught her gaze with a wink.

Again. Last chance now Reyna.

''What's your na-''

''Sirius. Sirius Black.''

Ha. She was close.

''Black like your heart I'm guessing." Remus muttered.

Black like your soul you mean.

Ssh. Don't be a nerd.

''Look at that! It's like you've known each other forever,'' James smirked, ''He's sussed you out already, Black.''


The conversation flowed easily after that, banter flicking back and forth between the group and giving Reyna a chance to think.

She hated not being in the moment like this but she knew she was going to have to sort out her head before everything crashed together, and now was a good time as ever.

Insults, she could manage. Backstories, less so.

She glanced across her four companions: a tall boy with light brown hair and dark eyes, her brother Remus stared back at her like he had always been here, entirely comfortable with his surroundings; a dark haired boy, James, the one who first spoke to her, he seemed nice enough although his confidence shone through like sunlight; a shorter blond boy who didn't quite fit in with the rest but laughed jovially along with them, already gleaming with admiration for the others. Rena hadn't even heard him speak yet. And the black haired one who had invited her to sit with him. Sirius.

She was going to have to watch out for him.

Reyna realised with a jolt that she was the only girl left here.

A pair had walked in originally, a girl with flaming red hair who introduced herself as Lily and a rather pale boy, with horribly greasy hair but Reyna wasn't one to judge. They had been quickly shooed out by James, although she had noticed - with a smirk - his eyes had lingered for more than just a moment on the red head.

As Black subtly pointed out.

Right on cue another girl burst in through the doors. She was pretty, dark blonde hair and hazel eyes, speckled with amber, with a guard of rust circling the edge, but looks don't help you when you're falling head first to the floor.

''Not another one.''

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