Entries From A Blonde

Poems I write. All original. Sorry for the depression


26. Misfit Writing Pt. 2

Soft hugs and small giggles,

Warm blankets and a comfy bed,

Your cold heart and a desire for touch.


Keyboard running.

tap, tap.

cold weather. 


Tired, hungry.

Sigh, yawn.

Times up.



I am in love.

I appreciate you.

I understand who you are.

I can trust you with my heart, right?

Then you slip, fall, break it again and again.

But I always fix it just to turn around and hand it right back.

Why? Because I love you.

I love how you look, talk, act, breathe. I just seem to love you.

You and all your pride, glory, guts.

I love you through the tears, the smiles, the laughs.

The only problem? You dont love me.

You are to busy.

I think ill sit and wait patiently. for you to come around.

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