Entries From A Blonde

Poems I write. All original. Sorry for the depression


21. Having a crush

Having a crush on you is like chasing the wind. Sometimes the wind plays with my hair and ruffles up my clothes. other times the wind threatens to pick me up, seeing as how small I am. The wind is a tease. The wind is playful, similar to the way you play with my heart. If you play with my hair, i'll want to run my fingers through yours. If you ruffle up my clothes, I'll want to take yours off. If you threaten to pick me up, i'll give a sly smile and coax you to do so, for the simple fact that I can then wrap my legs around your waist. Why does the wind tease me so when it knows fully well, my hands were not made to hold it?

Having a crush on you? 

It's like chasing the wind.

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