Holding on

Carl Grimes and Saige Carson have known each other forever. They grew up together. They were best friends. So when the world turns and tragedy befalls their families, Saige finds herself growing up before her time, resulting in finding out the truth: Carl may see her as more than just a friend. She is soon torn between the damaged world she can't escape and the life she can't control. [The Walking Dead] [Season 1 - ] [Carl Grimes/OC]


1. New world, New beginnings



I woke up that day, and I felt happy. The house smelled of flowers and the sun was shining. I forced myself to get out of my bed and I put on a tank top and flannel with jeans. It was my favorite outfit. I then headed downstairs. 
"Daddy what's going on?" I asked kind of terrified seeing him hastily packing things.  
   "Saige, come on, we have to go. Go pack some stuff" My father says. I run up the stairs and pack. I don't know why exactly but I know that the look on his face told me it was important. 

Once we finish packing, my father and I go out into the world that has slowly become destroyed. My dad places a few bags in the trunk of the Jeep and I throw my bag in the back.

 "Dad, what about Carl and Lori?" I ask nervously.

 "Go get 'em. Hurry, Sage. And be safe." My dad says before running back into the house. 

    I run to Carl's house, seeing that the door is already wide open, so I just walk in. Lifeless bodies are scattered all over the floor. I run upstairs and find Lori packing with Carl. 
  "Saige, are you okay?!" Lori says hugging me. I quickly nod before looking at Carl. I give him a hug, that lasts longer than I expected. Carl and Lori follow me to my dad's Jeep. They put their stuff in the back before hopping in, waiting for my dad. Once he hops into the Jeep and we drive off, leaving everything we know behind. The dead were walking and we were headed for Atlanta.  
 "I'm scared, Saige" Carl quakes. 

  "I am too, Carl, but right now we just have to go, became," I say, looking back, the dead swarming our neighborhood. This really wasn't fake, this was real. No matter what, It was happening no matter what anyone wanted. This was our new world. 


"Saige, honey, wake up" 

   Groaning I slowly open my eyes to fill them with the sight of the messy little tent. 
   This little tent had Pract become my home. Ever since my father, had left on a hunting trip a few days ago with his friend, Daryl Dixon, I had found comfort and safety with the Grimes, like I have been doing for years. 

     Once outside and fully awake, Lori glanced down at me. "Your daddy should be coming back sometime today or tomorrow." She informed hopefully.

    I  slightly nodded. I looked up at the woman I now thought of as my mom. She has been there for me for about four years now, ever since I was seven. My mom died when I was seven but we moved a month after because my dad thought it would be a good change for the both of us. My dad and I met the Grimes the day we moved and Lori has been there for me since then. 
Carl's father, Rick Grimes, died according to Shane, Rick's best friend a little before the out brake happened. I kinda miss him, he was so kind to me and treated me just like I was his own kid. My father grew close to the Grimes too, mainly Rick. Rick had been his best friend before the out brake. My dad found out that Rick was dead and hasn't been back since. My father had never cried in front of me, until my mom died and then when Rick died. Death can really change a person. I don't know what I would do with out Carl. 
  "I'm gonna go down to the lake and get some water." I said.
"Alright, but take Carl with you, even though your both twelve I trust you to watch him." 

     "Are you saying I'm more responsible than him?" I say grinning.      
      "That's exactly what I'm saying" she slightly laughed. I smile at her again for thinking I was the more responsible one. 
    "Carl!" I yell before picking up two buckets to fill up. I saw movement from the corner of my eye and when I looked up Carl was right there. I push the bucket into his hands. 

       "Your mom wants us to go down to the lake and get some water." 

       He nods. "Alright, lets, go" he said heading towards the path that leads us to the lake. 

         I wasn't afraid of walking down to the lake, regardless of it's distance. I hold the bucket close to my chest as I walk next to Carl. "So how have you been?" I ask squinting up at him through the bright sun. Carl remains silent but then turned to face me. His face was serious. "I'm scared, Saige." He admitted. "It can't stay like this forever, can it?" I shake my head. "Nothing lasts forever, especially this...it just can't." I say trying to reassure him, try to reassure myself. "Your right, but you know there is one good thing out of this" Carl says. 

"What's that?" I ask

"No school" Carl laughs. I roll my eyes before laughing.  I shove Carl gently. 

"I'll race you to the bottom" Carl challenges.

"Okay" I nod in agreement. "Ready, set.." 

 "Go!" Carl shouts as he sprints off.

   "Cheater!" I yell out before sprinting after him, I pass him as rocks and dirt fly up. Carl gave me a shocked look which made me smirk. Jumping off a giant rock, I finally reach the bottom. I stood confidently at the edge of the lake, now hearing Carl's heavy breaths approach. 

    "I win!" I cheer.

     Then all of a sudden my body hits the water. Carl had pushed me into the water but I managed to grab the collar of his shirt and bring him down with me. I must admit the water did feel nice as I went under but I automatically came back up to the surface, grabbing my bucket.Climbing out of the water, Carl follows behind me with his bucket. 

    "That was refreshing." I smile, wiping wet strands of hair out of my face. 

      He smiles back. "No kidding" he agreed. "But how will we explain this to my mom?" 

       I shrugged my shoulders and continued to wipe wet pieces of hair away from my face, as we walked up the steep hill. 

     "I don't know, she won't believe us. No matter what we do" I said.  "Just say we were balancing on the rocks and they gave out so we fell in" 

   He acknowledging nodded and we fell silent  for the rest of the walk back to camp. 

    Lori was off talking to Shane but then came over to us with a scowl when she noticed our clothes were wet. "What happened?" She demanded, her voice stern.

     "It was an accident mom" Carl insisted, side stepping in front of me. "We decided to see who was better at balancing on rocks and they gave out on us." 

    Lori turned to me, looking for an explanation but I just nodded my head in agreement. She sighed, deciding not to argue, and then took the buckets from our hands. "Go on and change, both of you and then add them to the laundry piles. Carol, Andrea, and the others should be doing laundry  later today." She looked around the camp absentmindedly. 

    "Carl, I want you to go see if Shane needs help with anything. Saige, I want you to boil the water." 

     I nodded and then headed over to the original tent I shared with my dad. His side of the tent was empty but my was kind of messy. 

      I opened my duffle bag that sat underneath my cot and changed into a pair of black pants and a dark purple shirt, then I pulled my hair into a ponytail and grabbed my soggy clothes and put them on top of the clothes that waited to be washed. As said, Lori left the buckets of water by the fire.

          I sat cross legged on the ground waiting for the water to start boiling so I could transfer it to things that needed to be refilled. From water bottles to showers in the R.V.
          Carl plopped down beside me. "Shane doesn't need help with anything, do you?" Carl asked. 
     "You could keep me company..." I reply before Carl nods. "What do you think about the new world?" Carl asks.
    "I think it means second chances, new beginnings for us all," I say truthfully. 

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