Crashing My Ex's Wedding

If your boyfriend of 5 years broke up with you saying he wasn't in a position to have a relationship, then two days later get sent a invite to his wedding. Gemma only had one idea in her mind, revenge.

How would you get the love of your life back after he moved on so quickly well here's the checklist.

1.  Hot Date
2. Super sexy dress
3.  Some good old manipulation

If Gemma's Ex really worth it? Who is the Bride? And how will Gemma get him back?


1. Chapter 1- Other People

"Andrew, where did you put my toothbrush" I yelled from the bathroom

Ugh he must of used it again and threw it out. Come on we already have them labeled it can't be that hard to read.

"I think I used it again" I heard his scruffy voice say back from the kitchen.

I guess mouthwash will have to do for today, hopefully bubble gum scented breath isn't to unprofessional for work today.

"Hey Gems can you come out here, I need to talk to you about something"

Oh my gosh this could be it, was he finally asking me to marry him. We've been together for 5 years now, it was about time for him to pop the question.

"I'll be out in one sec" I yelled quickly twisting my long caramel hair into a too knot and sliding on a robe over my nightgown.

I walked into the kitchen, casually looking around for a small box. Darn it not a proposal.

I looked over at Andrew, his face gave away that bad news soon to come.

I frowned and sat down across from him.

He took a deep breath "Gems you're a great person and there are other great people out there, I'm thinking maybe you should start seeing some of those people  and I will too."

My jaw dropped he couldn't actually being saying what I think he is. "Andrew what are you saying?" I tried to say but my voice quivered in the process

"Gems I think we should break up" he said finally going for the kill.

The next moments that followed I don't rember quite as well, I screamed, he yelled, I cried, he packed his things, and I kicked him out.

5 long loving years flushed down the drain. Andrew was supposed to be my forever, when someone said Gemma they would think Andrew. We were a perfect pair made in heaven and for what reasons did he break up with me only that he wasn't in the place to have a relationship.

How after 5 years do you suddenly decide that, what changed. Sure I've might have gained 5 pounds since highschool, maybe I was just to boring for him.

I flopped onto my bed thinking of all the things I might of had done wrong in our relationship and cried myself into sleep.


new story what do you think, chapters are going to start off short but will get longer as story develops

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