Russell's House.

I woke to the smell of fresh coffee, and Timothy yelling a downstairs. I quickly flew up from where I lay, noticing that I was in a Bedroom. After giving Russell pain meds, I took a nap in the couch opposite to the one he was resting in. I could only figure that it was more than a nap, because it was now the next morning. As the Sun blaring outside couldn't exactly lie about that fact.

I glanced around the room, my eyes feeling as if they were marbles stuck in a bucket of sand. I felt like an utter dimwit, and I just wanted to hug the pillow again. I checked my digital watch, on my wrist and it was already twenty minutes to eight. I flew up from the bed quickly, and shuffled to get off. But I was clumsy enough to wrap myself into the sheets, causing me to tumble over the side of the bed. I groaned as a sharp pain shot up my left knee, and I flew up hopping.

The door to the bedroom opened and Russell walked in, a cup of coffee in his hand. I quickly straightened myself, smiling awkwardly as he gazed at me confused. He was shirtless, but I noticed that his bandage was changed. It was a bit sloppy, and I itched to fix it immediately. Wondering why he had even bothered, when his hand must have been too constricted to even move.

'I need to re-seal that, its exposed to bacteria.' I walked up to him briskly, beginning to observe his dressing. Russell grabbed my left hand gently and I froze, gazing up at him confused and too dazed to focus right.

'Calm down, you just woke up. You can play annoying nurse when you're fully awake.' He said deeply and my lips parted and closed like a fish. I frowned up at him, reluctantly taking to warm mug with my right hand.

'Thank you,' I muttered and he paused, letting my right hand free. 'But I don't think I need to play nurse anymore.' I added seriously, and his jawline hardened. He was trying to hide his annoyance, but I was too exhausted to even attempt to hide mine either.

His touch had burned my flesh, and my knees had grown subsequently weak. I took a quick sip of the coffee, cursing under my breath as it burned my lips. Russell was gazing at me, but I avoided his eyes completely.

He still stood close, and I could feel the warmth of his body wafting to me. I didn't know how to move or back away, and it seemed Russell wasn't planning to either.

'I should be thanking you,' he started, and I narrowed my gaze.

'For saving your life?'

'That and not calling the cops.' He grunted and I grimaced.

'It's negligence to not ask you why. But I don't think I want to know either.' I rasped and he frowned down at me. 'But I'm going to be nosy and ask however.' I continued and he grunted, snorting marginally.

                  'It's a long story,' he complained and I scoffed heavily, rolling my eyes.

                   'It's a long day,' I countered but he only frowned down at me. 'But I'm gonna go with it's none of my business then. Since you obviously don't want to speak about it.' I finished and he rose an eyebrow, gazing at me with heavy speculation.

'I appreciate that.' He said simply, then turned away from me abruptly. It was obvious that he was avoiding my forward curiosity, but I needed to know. I didn't want to pass judgement on the man, and I sure as hell didn't want to be in the dark either.

I hugged the mug between my palms, watching as he retreated. I wanted to say something, or at least make a snarky remark. And I would if I was allowed the chance, but Russell Adams was an insufferable individual. Too damn confident for his own good, and his aura just made me anxious. I couldn't help shaking or feeling nervous, whenever he was around. I was beginning to loathe him in some way, but it was too complicated to understand. Either way, I was bound to step into a trap if I didn't tread carefully.

After finishing my coffee, I made my way downstairs to find Timothy seated quietly at the granite-top island counter. Russell was at the Stove, and I looked away from him to settle my attention on the small boy. 'Hi Timothy,' I called and the boy turned to me, excitement evident on his face.

'Mr. James!' He shouted, and I half expected him to jump from his seat to greet me. But instead he twisted in my direction, holding out his hands. I figured he wanted a hug, and I granted him just that. He wrapped his small arms around my shoulder, but with my height he was hoisted into the air. 'Daddy said you saved his life. You are a Superhero.' Timothy chimed and I chuckled nodding my head.

'Doctors save lives the same way,' I said wistfully and Timothy gazed at me curiously. 'But even you can be your own Superhero too.' I said poking him gently in his ribs, gaining a fit of giggles from him. I could feel his Father's gaze burning into me, but I didn't care. My affection for Timothy was obvious, and I've never not shown it. Maybe I could adopt my own little Timothy in a few years, because it wasn't hard a task.

I hurriedly placed Timothy back down on the seat, since he had to finish eating his breakfast. I checked my phone once, deciding not to stay any longer than needed. 'The place looks great, thank you. I've been so busy with work and watching Timothy that I just completely lost it and stopped cleaning much.' He explained and I nodded.

'No problem.' I started by I paused as our gazed found each other, casting silence around us as loud as a fanfare. 'It's really not my place to say but I'm really sorry about Timothy's Mother. I've never been a Parent so it's quite hard to know how you feel.' I explicated and he nodded, seeming to understand that I didn't mean to impose.

I was too preoccupied with thoughts of leaving to care that he was shirtless. But now I couldn't help but stare, because he was built so well. Well defined muscles, that were even more defined by the sunlight that glanced off his tanned skin.

'Well, I don't want to overstay my welcome. So I'm gonna go now.' It was Saturday, and my only plans were to lay up on my couch with a blanket. Grab a bunch of junk food and pig out, while watching my missed shows.

'Well don't leave just yet. Let me offer you breakfast.' Russell tried, but I didn't want to stay a moment longer.

Russell was being civil, but I could tell that he was just forcing it. Out of just being polite to me for saving his life. He didn't need to, and I wasn't one to impose. 'I really must go, but I'll see you in School on Monday Timothy.' I spoke turning to the Boy, and there was an odd look in Russell's eyes. Before I could decipher it, his expression returned to one that was completely unreadable. 'Take good care of your Father.' I finished then turned away, but Russell stopped me in my tracks.

'Let me walk you to the door.' He offered, and I nodded reluctantly figuring he was just doing the polite thing. So we walked side by side to the door; the same awkward silence threatening to deaf me instantaneously.

'I'm really grateful that you came. I'm sorry for what you had to deal with.' He spoke as we walked out on the small veranda.

'You're welcome. I don't know what happened Mr. Adams-.'

'Russell.' He interjected and I narrowed my gaze.

'What?' I asked baffled, raising and eyebrow. The man let out a huff of air, raking his fingers through his perfectly tousled hair.

'You can call me Russell.' He continued, making me narrow my eyes in speculation.

'I don't know what happened to you, but I can only tell you to be careful. Have a good day Mr. Russell.' I said, then turned away from him.

It was early morning and as much as I loved Timothy's company. My previous encounters with Russell Adams, was quite unnerving. I doubt I could withstand a whole day of it, yet alone when he was injured and apparently much more cranky. Though I had to say, this was the first we didn't seem to hate each other just by looking. Yet I couldn't seem to figure him out and it scared me to no end.


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