My Nerdy Self

A 16 year old girl named Grace wanted to show everyone how she can be like a popular kid. Will she be able to win her crush or will she have some friends in hand to help her find her own self.


1. The Fiasco

Grace woke up from her sleep.  She grabbed her glasses from the night stand and headed to the kitchen she saw cereal on the kitchen table.  She went to it and saw a note : Hey Grace i had to go to work here is some cereal for you

                                                                                       Kraves are your favorite right well i wanted to make sure you

                                                                                          stayed healthy oh and your brothers are watching you 

                                                                                                                                Love Dad

"great this is what i need more Fiasco" Grace said in a mad voice, Grace sat down on the chair next to the kitchen table and ate peacefully until her brother came "what up sistah" he said "Cameron i'm not in the mood to talk" Said Grace "hey why the long face do i have to know" he replied back "is that for you to know or for me to find out" Graces snapped 

back while eating her cereal "gee i only asked" said he, "wait is this about mom"  

Grace stopped eating and her spoon

full of Kraves were half way in her mouth she then put her spoon down "i don't wanna talk about it"

Grace said with a sad 

face "hey, listen" said Cameron, "i know life is hard without mom...but we have to life through it" he put his hand on mine I  help his hand tight "Cameron, never ever forget about mom okay" said Grace "i won't don't worry" said Cameron,"also we have to go to school...EVERYONE GET READY!!!" Grace Jumped when he said "get ready" Grace and Cameron both got up,  grace went to her room found an outfit and put it on.  When she got outside of her room she saw all her brothers brushing their hair, tying their shoes, and other things Grace walked up to them "hey guys" she said , " you guys ready for school" "YES!" they said Grace only has 2 more brothers but she loves them with all her heart even though she has no sisters she loves them and won't let them go 

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