Ƙιиɢ$ σғ ԵհíҽѵҽՏ

"Stop thief's the guards" said

"Make us you can not catch me and my kings of ԵհíҽѵҽՏ" the rover's leader said in a happy tone

Boss we should really call our self the queen of Thieves one of the others said

Just then a net appeared out of nowhere and caught her in her leaving her behind.

"Those Baka's didn't even look back". She thought in her head as she was holding back tears.

"Hehe looks like I caught a Rover you" "know your in the hands of a gypsy hunter". He said back as he gently stoked her cheek.

I can not wait to --

Just then the knife hit the floor as an Arrow hit a tree.

there he was he had elf ears like me.

I'm kind happy he saved me


Korra is the Rover leader of her crew called the kings of ԵհíҽѵҽՏ they have been hunting, stealing all theirs lives running away from a gypsy hunter when Korra And Asami are the only two left.

They are going to have to make it work they enter a Town and find a castle but they don't go inside though the window Korra see a boy heck his a Prince.

Can a Rover and Prince fall in love?

Ps I'm not good at description


2. 💕~1~💕

Korra's pov

This place gets to god damm nosies in few minutes in 3.2.1  cock-a-doodle——- than I heard a sound of a gun pop.

Bang bang that could only mean one thing either Asami is cooking that chicken that she Stole for breakfast or she's used it for Target practice.

I just tossed and turned on my bed  she can be so noisy.

Also the whole group can be I tried forcing my self to fall back to sleep again but I couldn't not.

"Fuck it" I just got up and put on my Cham Ankle bracelet.

And walked outside the bright sun  wasn't so bad I saw Asami by the campfire cooking something I just sniffed the air "yup it's chicken".

My tummy growled I looked at the camp no one was up except for me and sister.

And then sat beside her.

"Hey sissy did you sleep well?" she said as she was staring the cauldron that had the chicken in it.

I looked at it in the pot I saw it where it got shot in the head.

I slowly backed away from the pot there's one thing I cannot stand it's blood.

"Yup like a rock as I play with my necklace" around my neck.

"I know I miss them too" she said as she handed me a bowl of chicken and I ate it.

Authors note: Sorry chapter 1 is so short I'm not feeling well anyway merry Christmas.

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