I never got to say goodbye.

Lily Anna's original covers
Lily Anna.


7. 🎊

I get myself of the seat with some help of Ron and Harry. Ginny is behind me with crookshanks, who seems to have taken a liking to her. With Ron and harry at my sides we make it down the steps of the train. When I look up, i see Hagrid. I waddle over to him. "Blimey Hermione, what did you eat?" "Me and Mr Fred Weasley are having twins." I smile. "NY little girl all grown up," he sniffles," what are their names?" "Well, we were hoping we could name the boy Rubeus Albus Severus Weasley after our favorite people," he hugs me and starts crying. "Thank you Hermione, that means so much to me and I know it would mean something to our previous headmasters. What are yoh naming the other child?" "Minerva Molly Ginerva Poppy Weasley. Its a mouthful," he grins a big happy grin. "Would you like to help me guide the first years!? I think it would mean a lot if a war hero helped me." I smile and nod. He lifted me into his boat and we set off to Hogwarts. —---------------------------------------- "One more announcement, in February, we will have some little twins running around, please mind them. If Ms Weasley wouldn't mind, could you share the names with us?" I nod and she motions me up there. We plan on naming them Rubeus Albus Severus Weasley and Minerva Molly Ginerva Poppy Weasley." Everybody has tears in their eyes and Hagrid hasn't stopped smiling. I go to sit back down but some tall guy in a hood is in my seat. " Could you please move?" He shakes his head so I sit down next to him. This stranger pulls me onto his lap and his hood is taken off. I look up at him and saw my husbands familiar face, and all my friends smiling. "Surprise!" the teachers, my friends, everyone really, yells. "Hermione, you have done so much to this school, so we decided to floo in your husband. We all want to support you." I smile, tears of happiness rolling down my face.

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