I never got to say goodbye.

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4. not over yet

We all ran to the back corner of the great hall behind a table watching Bellatrix Lestrange stamp through, a look of pride and authority on her face. We watch in horror as she climbs up the table infront of us. Ginny bravely steps up to duel her, which Bellatrix happily complies with. Cackling evilly, she shoots and almost kills Ginny. Mrs Weasley yanks her daughter down and steps up. " BUT MT DAUGHTER YOU B***H!" With adrenaline pumping and some good wand work, Bellatrix Lestrange is dead.

We all walk outside too watch how harry is doing against Voldemort. We see him doing his best against Voldemort and all of a sudden, red overtakes green and Voldemort is dead. Positive that he was dead, I grabbed Fred and apparated to the burrow, and grabbed the binder. It had all our wedding plans and the date. I realized we had a little less than 2 weeks. Fred looked up too. I kissed him and went off to one of my last dress fittings.

When I returned, Fred had showed everyone the binder and they all split, getting things ready. Ginny and molly were getting invitations ready and sent, Bill went to pick up the tuxedos from the shop, Harry and Ron were sent to clean the upstairs, George and Charlie started cleaning the downstairs, and me and Fred got the decorations.

"You may now kiss the bride," the minister says, and Fred leans in slowly, meeting my lips with his, and pleasing me with a passionate kiss. Harry and Ginny had set up a room in grimauld place for us to have some alone time for the after wedding night. When we apparate there, we sit and eat the dinner set out for us.

" I've always wanted kids," I mumble, before I catch it. Fred smiles and nods. . "Me too, sweetheart. Maybe later, maybe soon. We'll see." I grin. "I'm going to take a shower, so I'll meet you in our room." When I lay in bed, I see champagne and dessert set on the side table and Fred right next to it.

the next morning, I wake up and kiss Fred awake. I grab my robe form the door hanger and eat breakfast, leaving my new husband a note explaining that I apparated to rhe burrow. With a pop, I arrive at rhe foot of Ginny's bed, scaring her our of her skin. After that I run to the bathroom, sick. When I come back in, she looks at me questioningly. " I think I ate and drank a little too much." She shakes her head and gets up. She dragged me to the fireplace and floos me to St. Mungos.

" I will check on the color of your wrist band five minutes after you finish the potion," the nurse tells me. I finish the potion and talks with Ginny. When the nurse comes back, she grinnes. " Congratulations, Ms Weasley, you are having a baby girl and boy." My face turns pale. Ginny thanks the nurse and Floos us back to the burrow. Fred is on the couch. " 'Mione-" "we're having twins! Boy and girl," I blurt and his face considerably paled. "Ok. Names!"

Ginny piped up, " Maybe After your favorite people." I look at Fred and we nod, hugging eachother."Maybe Rubeus Albus Severus Weasley and Minerva Molly Ginerva Poppy Weasley. After the professors who helped us most, and your family." Fred nodes and says "It will all be perfect." When Ginny leaves to get more sleep, I kiss Fred lightly and say " we will be amazing parents." I can feel him smile and we break apart. "How will we tell the others?" I grin.

When the Weasley's are all up, I open and close the door making it look like we just came in. "Guess who's back?" "You are!" The Weasley family says rhe sentence in unison. "Guess who's newly married!" "You are!" "Guess whos having twins!" "You are!" George looks up. "Wait, what-" the whole family shouts differentiating versions of George's sentence. " Baby Valiente Godric Weasley and Belle Ruby Weasley will be accompanying us in march-" Fred starts. " Ship," I bellow, using that as a substitute for a less friendly word. "I already enrolled in school, the job I need requires seven years at Hogwarts, and the babies are due at the beginning of the year!" I frown but am soothed by molly saying, "we'll figure it out dear."

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