I never got to say goodbye.

Lily Anna's original covers
Lily Anna.


2. Aftershock.

I dont know what happened next, all I know is that Im crying hysterically, creating a tear splotch on Ron's shirt. "W-we have t-to kill that snake," I stutter though tears. He odds and we set off looking everywhere. We plant our backs along the wall when we come to the corner of the allay by the lake. The most dangerous corner. I look over quickly and stun a death eater who was attempting to kill lea Jordan. Running through the hallways I attempt to choke a sob at seeing all the dead or severely injured people. Finir Greyback was kneeled over a body. "NO!" I scream at the top of my lungs and he disapparates, leaving behind a dead Lavendar Brown.

Ron looks at his previous girlfriend. " Ron, I love Fred." He nods and replies "I love Gabrielle. Im sorry mione." I peck him on the cheek and run to the great hall dragging him behind me by his hand.

"All Weasley's, here now!" I shout across the hall, and they all come in from different standpoints. I explain to them that Ron and I never truly loved each other, but that I love Fred and he Gabrielle. Molly wipes away a tear and George hugs me. All of a sudden, we turn, only to face a coughing, red headed, mischievous, twin.

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