I never got to say goodbye.

Lily Anna's original covers
Lily Anna.


8. A few weeks later

In charms, I found myself hunched over, attempting to get my large belly under the table so I could write. Professor Flitwick noticed this and called me over. "Yes, Professor?" "Ms. Weasley, I couldn't help but notice your having a bit of difficulty." I nod. "Would you like me to ask someone to raise the desk a little?" "That would be wonderful, thank you sir." He walks to the staffroom and comes back with Professor Victor. The students, still oblivious, don't notice a thing as she raises my desk up where I can write. I thank her and get to working. ------------ I meet Fred outside of the hospital wing before my appointment. We go in together. "It looks like you have some healthy babies. Do not forget to come back next Friday." We smile and head to the Griffindor dorms. I sit on the common room couch leaning against Fred. I sit up and look him in the eye. "It just finally sunk in. We are going to be parents. What about Mt classes and extracurricular activities and visiting Hagrid every other day-" he smiles. "It will be fine. The teachers will help with classes and extracurricular activities, and no doubt Hagrid will want to see his namesake every other day. It will be fine." I smile and kiss hime lightly before pulling me away with a gasp. "Todays Friday," he nods,"Hagrids house. We have to be there in five minutes!" We start walking as fast as we can. We make it there just in time. A little out of breath, I knock my hand against the door. Hagrid opens the door, grinning. "Yer here! I thought you lost on the way. Come in, come in!"

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