I never got to say goodbye.

Lily Anna's original covers
Lily Anna.


6. 3 months later

I put on my favorite black shirt and try to pull it down further. No matter how ling Ive had the bump, it still messes with me. I tie my curlier then ever hair in a ponytail and pull on some jean shorts. I pinch some floo powder and throw it in the fire place, step into the flames, and shout clearly "Professor McGonagall's office."

We sort everything out, and she insists on having me for tea Saturday, to which I easily comply. Walking to the fireplace and smiling, i nod then clearly shout "The burrow!"

I grab the sides of the fireplace to steady myself and Fred helps me out. "We need a fireplace in our flat." Fred nods and apparates us to the flat. I go to our closet and try on the two dresses I own only to find that I can't zip them all the way. I walk to the living room and see Fred conked out on the couch. I slip out and apparate to a muggle shop. Finding a sun dress that actually fits and looks like it fits wasn't as difficult as I thought, but not easy either. I purchase my item and apparate back to the flat, waking up Fred.


I floo to Professor McGonagall's office and somewhat stumble in. I sit down and start a polite conversation with her and occasionally sip the hot tea. After about an hour, we say goodbye to eachother until Monday, September 1st.

When the train pulls away I wave to Fred and pull my head through the window and make a move to sit down. Almost sitting on crookshanks, he jumps away landing on every person. " Bloody hell!" We all start shouting at the cat. "Blimey 'mione." Ginny sighs. "I need to get control of my cat. I should have left him at the flat," i say shaking my head.

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