I never got to say goodbye.

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Lily Anna.


1. Meeting Fate

I stumble down the stairs of Hogwarts. I walk to the back of the great hall and see all the Weasleys. One of the twins grabs Ron and starts a sobbing hug. I run over. Mrs. Weasley is crying, but I can make out some words. " My Freddie- he was so young." Ginny looked up at me, seeing the tear tracks running through the dirt on my face. I sprint away, away from here.

"Hermione?" Ginny voice is soft, bit is also strong. Compelling. I shake my head and try to run. Ginny catches up, and swipes to grab my shoulder but catches the tie holding my braid. I keep going and run to Myrtles bathroom. We have become friends and will talk to each other a lot. I go to the only nondamaged sink and scrub my face. "Accio hairpin." A pin flies to my hand and I pull a strand of hair back. "Accio clean clothes." I walk into a stall despite being alone. I change and pull a green jacket over my clothes.

A folded picture falls out of my pocket. The picture is of a redheaded boy smiling and waving. A tear trickles down my cheek and lands just below his eyes. " I love you." I'm speaking to a picture but it speaks back. " Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened. I love you too." I fold it again and stash it in my jean pocket. Fred Weasley. My true love.

Ginny comes barreling into the room. She never knew that Fred and I dated. She never knew that we had our whole lives planned out. She never knew I loved him. Now I stand here, holding his picture. The dam holding my tears breaks. I bite down on my lip to stop from crying out, remembering. Remembering things that were pleasant but are now painful. " He died smiling, you know." Ginnys voice pulls me out of my thoughts. I nod, and turn around while doing so. She pulls me into a hug and we cry together. We share pain through tears. We share our agony, our secrets, our memories without muttering much as a word. Tears fall, carrying thoughts and feelings. We have never shared so much but said so little.

When Ginny eventually leaves the bathroom, I pull a ring out of my pocket. An enchanted stone was in the center of the band, changing from gold to red to a mix of the colors and back again. No one else knew. I put the ring on my left ring finger and replayed the moments in my head.

"Will you marry me?" Fred was on his knee, holding up the ring. "Yes! Of course!" A tear of happiness ran down my cheek.

I am brought back into reality from Ron. " You need to get out here. We have to kill that snake." I walk out of the bathroom and meet Ron.

After searching forever, we give up and go after Harry. "Ron, what if he went to the forest?" I hear the fear in my voice and he does too. We quicken our quicken our pace. I look around a corner behind me and stun a death eater who would have killed me. Where is Harry? And he couldn't have come to the forest... Thoughts course through my head. "Harry!" Ron is now yelling. " We thought you went to the forest!" I'm half releived and half angry. "I'm going there now," he starts but I can't listen anymore. When he finishes his sentence I look up quickly. Tears are glistening in my eyes and I can't hold them back any longer. "I'll go with you," I say, trying not to choke on my own sadness. "No, it has to be him and me." I look away. Don't try and be bold, Harry. Don't die.

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