Jungle fever

Elektra is a young doctor working in Bolivia with doktors without borders, the actor Zachary Levi has been in Bolivia for the charity operation smile, When the local airport is closed they deside to go by jeep to the nearest airport, on the jeep is also a photographer and a biology professor.
After an accident They are thrown out in dangerous adventures and blossomming love in the amazonas jungle.


9. "What is so funny Doc ?"

 *Elektra POV*
 Oh God that was out of this world, I giggle as I let a hand run over Zacs stomach, and he lifts himself up on one elbow looking at me. "What is so funny Doc ?"
 "You just keeps surprising me Zac, that's all". I say, wondering what he is expecting from me after this, I am not looking for a relationship rigth now.
 He slowly trails a finger down between my breast and over my stomach, making me gasp slightly. "I hope it is in a positive way".
 "Oh believe me it is positive in every way imaginable". I say, sending him a teasing smile.
 He suddenly looks a lot more serious. "So what now, I mean, I didn't exactly plan for this".
 "Me neither, and I don't hope you have a girlfriend waiting at home". I say looking into his eyes, that would make me feel bad about my actions.
 He shakes his head slowly. "Nope, no one waiting for me, if I had I would never have done this, what about you ?"
 "I am single, and I hope you won't take this the wrong way, but I am not excatly looking for a relationship right now, this is not the time or place to start something". I say, awaiting his reaction.
 He nods slowly. "You are right, I think we just shouldn't label anything right here and now, no obligations, we do what we feel like and once we hopefully gets back to civilisation, we can find out if what we want, okay ?"
 "Sounds good to me". I say getting up, we better get back before someone comes looking for us, but I have to admit, I wouldn't say no to another hot encounter if the possibility arises.
 We both get dressed and Zac holds the bushes aside for me, as we emerges back into the world, just before we reaches the village, he suddenly grabs me, yanking me into his body, kissing me deeply.
 Then he sends me one of those smiles and grabs my hand as we walks into the village.

 *Zac POV*
 Wow that had been mind blowing and I have to admit that she had taken my just a bit by surprise, I really hadn't expected that.
 I get it, this isn't the time to make promises and start labelling thing, but it still feels a bit weird, this is not something I usually do, but granted, this isn't a usual situation.
 And it feels good to feel something normal, something I can relate to and to take my minds of things for a while, and to be honest, I wouldn't mind repeating it if the possibility arises.
 While I am eating, I pull out my phone, but as expected there are no signal here and my phone is close to running out of battery, so I shut it of, thinking that my family must be really scared for me by now.
 "So how was the bath ?" Dean walks over, he has a quite amused smile on his face and I wonder if he knew Elektra went to take a bath to.
 "Fine, refreshing". I realise he knows, hell I am sure he planned this for some reason, when I see how he smirk at us answering at the same time.
 And I move to change the subject as I see Doc blush. "So Dean, when are we going to leave ?"
 "Tomorrow morning, I think that you could use a good long night of sleep before our journey back to civilisation". He says and I nod, I am somewhat tired after days of fever.
 When I am done eating I get up stretching, it is early in the evening. "I actually thing I will go to bed, I feel a bit exhausted, goodnight Dean, Doc".
 Elektra can't help giggling a bit, well she will see soon enough, hadn't I just been sick for four days, that little encounter at the waterfall would only had been the appeticer.

 *Elektra POV*
 I watch Zacs long frame disappear between the huts and I glare at Dean. "You so did that on purpose you sneaky bastard".
 "What did I do ? I have no idea what you are talking about". He says, looking ever so innocent.
 I throw a small stick I was twirling in my hand after him. "Oh yeah you do, you send Zac there, you knew he was there when I asked for directions, what are you playing at ?"
 "As I said, you need a good man and that is a good man, and they way you are blushing tells me that my plan worked". He smirks at me, looking very happy with himself.
 I get up rolling my eyes. "I hope for your sake that this doesn't en up complicating things".
 After spending a couple of hours helping a bit here and there in the village, I go to the hut I have shared with Zac, and find him sleeping soundly, having kicked of the thin planket.
 I smile to myself, had we been somewhere else, had the circumstances been different, I might have been interested in something more, I like him, he is passionated and nice and well very handsome.
 Before I go to undress and tuck into my own bed, I pull the planket back over him, making him smile in his sleep.

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