Jungle fever

Elektra is a young doctor working in Bolivia with doktors without borders, the actor Zachary Levi has been in Bolivia for the charity operation smile, When the local airport is closed they deside to go by jeep to the nearest airport, on the jeep is also a photographer and a biology professor.
After an accident They are thrown out in dangerous adventures and blossomming love in the amazonas jungle.


11. "I .. I once stole a pack of gum"

 *Elektra POV*
 When I wake up again, I am wrapped up like a burrito, in long limps and one hot piece of man, breathing softly in my ear, well hallo, that had definitely been another very pleasant surprise.
 I snuggle closer to him, thinking that I might actually be interested in getting to know him better once we get home safe, he has turned out to more than pleasurable company.
 "Morning Doc". His voice heavy and a bit rough with sleep, sending sparks through me, making a small moan escape my lips.
 He roll on top of me, sending me a smirk, before kissing my neck, and I roll my eyes. "Morning Zac, you fucking can't be serious right now".
 "Oh I never joke about such serious things". He chuckles lightly against my skin, and my head is already swimming.
 But then we hear a lot of noice outside he litterally jumps up. "Sorry darling, but I think we better get dressed fast".
 I jump out of bed to, and we both pull on our clothes very fast, grabbing our bags and Zac slings the rifle over his shoulder, before we hurry out of the hut.
 "Dean what is happening ?" I yell as I see him come running, villagers are fleeing in panic everywhere.
 He runs up to us. "We need to find the professor and get away right now, a flock of guerrilla soldiers is attacking the village, there are killing everyone in their path".
 Zac grabs my arm, leading me after Dean asking him. "Have you seen the professor today ?"
 "Yeah but it was about an hour ago, he was looking at plants and animals outside the village". He says, leading the way to where he last saw the professor.
 I can hear yeeling, gun shoots and screams of pain and agony, the worst part is knowing that I can't do anything to help and I can see on Zac's face, that he feels exactly the same.
 A woman comes running towards us, and I must admit I scream, when a bullet pierces her head, making her crumble to the ground. Both Dean and Zac has their rifles ready now, their eyes scanning the area.
 "Professor Dahl ?" Dean calls out and the middleaged man comes shuffling from the edge of the forest.
 He looks a bit confused as we all run towards him, his voice slightly shaking. "What is happening ?"
 "Soldiers, the guerrillas are attacking the village, we need to leave right now, they are to many". Dean says, reaching out for the professor.
 Suddenly it is like everything is in slow motion, I hear riffles blast and watch as the professors chest is blasted to shreds by bullets.
 "Fuck". Zac stares at the man as he is crumbling to the ground, then he turns, pulling me behind him, raising the riffle. Dean has his weapon ready too, as three soldiers emerge.
 Neither me nor the soldiers have time to register what is happening, before they are dead, Dean and Zac firing at the same time.
 Dean grabs the professors bag as Zac grabs my hand, and we flee into the jungle, hoping to get away and that the soldiers are after something or someone in the village.
 We keep a high pace for about twenty minutes, before stopping to breathe and listen if we are being followed. Dean lets out a breath. "Seems like we got away for now at least".
 "Do you think they are going to follow us ?" Zac ask, sitting down on a fallen tree, pulling me down beside him.
 Dean starts opening the professors back pack. "Unfortunately I have a really bad feeling, and if that is through we are not safe before we are out of the jungle and out of the country".
 We both stare at him, and here him groan, pulling something from the bag, sending us a dealy glare "Oh for fucks sake what an idiot, please tell me of you two haven't stolen something too ?"
 "I .. I once stole a pack of gum". Zac mutters and I smack him over the head, looking at the packets Dean throws on the ground. "Heroin ?"
 "Yup ! And this we can't just return, they will think we know to much, we need to get away, or we are dead". He quickly check the bag for usable things.
 Zac pulls me into his arms, kissing me deeply and very passionated, whispering in my ear. "For good luck".


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