Jungle fever

Elektra is a young doctor working in Bolivia with doktors without borders, the actor Zachary Levi has been in Bolivia for the charity operation smile, When the local airport is closed they deside to go by jeep to the nearest airport, on the jeep is also a photographer and a biology professor.
After an accident They are thrown out in dangerous adventures and blossomming love in the amazonas jungle.


10. "A bit presumptuous are we ?"

 *Zac POV*
 I awake hours later, knowing it is the middle of the night, everything is silent beside from the crickets singing outside and Elektras soft breating from the other bed.
 The sleep has done me real good, I feel much better and not tired at all, and I lay for some time, just looking up at the roof, thinking about everything that has happened.
 And my thoughts go to our very heated encounter at the waterfall, making my puls quicken a bit, end heat rise through my body, I actually quite like her, she is so very different from most women I meet.
 My next decision might be rash and it might be stupid, but we leave tomorrow, and I don't know when we have time alone again or if she wants to se me once we get back to civilisation.
 I get out of my bed and silently slide out of my clothes, before climbing down behind her in her bed, pulling her into me, starting to softly kiss her neck.
 She moans softly, and pushes her body back against me, so I keep going, my hand sliding up to cup her breast, she is only sleeping in panties, making this so much easier.
 "Zac what are you doing ?" Her sleapy voice sounds, making me chuckle and pinch her nipple just a bit, biting softly down on her neck, making her gasp. "Oh shit".
 She manage to turn around in my arms, looking up at me with a gaze like I am some naughty kid, bit I just smirk at her. "Couldn't sleep and who knows when we get to be alone again".
 "Oh so you just thought I shouldn't sleep either then ?" She asks me, but I feel her hands sliding down my back, grabbing a hold of my behind. "A bit presumptuous are we ?"
 "I like to think of it as confidence". I say kissing her and flipping her down om her back, kissing her deeply, enjoying the feeling of her nails running up my back, before she grabs my hair, making me moan.
 *Elektra POV*
 Not a bad way to be awakened at all, I have to say, as his mouth is travelling down my body, stopping at my breasts, slowly circling my nipple with his warm tongue.
 Them his lips close around it, sucking into his warm mouth, making me moan, arching my back slightly, my hands pulling at his hair, making him graze me softly with his teeth, driving me crazy.
When his mouth finally starts moving farther south I feel like I am already close to my climax, and him kissing and nippling down over my stomach doesn't do anything to pull me back from the edge.
 He looks up at me with a naughty smirk, seending tingles through my body, as her reaches my panties, the he bide onto them, pulling them down and of with his teeth.
 Kissing his way back up, suddenly placing his mouth right on my clit, sucking it in between his lips, making me buck completely of the bed, the waves of pleasure starting to wash over me, and when he thrust two long fingers into me, hitting my sweet spot I am lost to the world.
 But he doesn't let up, as I try not to scream out my pleasure, he start tapping his finger right on that spot inside me, giving me a level of pleasure I didn't think possible, like wave upon wave of orgasms rolling through me.
 I am clawing at the bed, unable to think straight, trying to control the sounds I emit, not to wake the entire village, oh God that man has skilful hands.
 His tongue starts circling my clit, bringing new hights to my pleasure and I might sound like a broken record, moaning. "Oh God, oh God, oh God".
 Then he closes his mouth on my trobbing nob, biting softly down and my eyes rolls back in my head, as I feel my juices gush over his hand and i bite into the pillow not to scream.
 And before I can breathe, he is hovering over me, thrusting into me, filling me, taking me breath away, as he moves hard and fast, snapping his hips down on me.
 I only justnget down before I feel it start building again, my hands grabbing his back and neck, the deep moaning coming from deep in his throat, going right to the center of my core, firering me up.
 The I feel his thrusts getting more sloppy and erratic, but also faster and harder, and I know he is close, when he stiffen and I feel him spill his hot seed i to me, I am dragged with him over the edge, panting his name as I cum again.
 He slump down on top of me, breathing hard and I run my hand teough his hair, trying to steady my breathing, oh hell that was good. "Fuck Zac, I feel like I been trambled by an elephant".
 He chuckles softly kissing softly over my shoulder, his hands slowly stroking my sides. "No elephant darling, just me. Give me a minute and I be trambling you again".
 "Sure Zac". I chuckle, there is no way he is ready for more and definately not in a minute.
 But his kisses on my shoulders and collarbone gets more heated very fast and I groan as I feel something harden agains my thigh. "Seriously Zac, you were fucking serious ?"
 "Of course darling". He chuckles, as he slowly slides into me, this time moving in slow deep thrusts, his chuckles turning into moans.
 Oh God he is getting so deep, me headis already spinning and my breathing racket, as the coil inside me starts to tighten, but apparently it is not enough, and he pulls out, lifting my legs up, my knees resting over his shoulders, pushing back in, getting so deep I am sure he is hitting spots not meant to be disturbed.
 Only thing I can is trying to hold myself together and feel him, feel the world turn into swirling lights and colours, nothing but pleasure is registering right now.
"Oh God you feel so good". He moan in a hoarse raw voice that pulls the carpet from under me, sending me i to a vortex of so intense pleasure I just throw my head back in silent screams, unable to make any sound.
 And I feel him getting pulled with, before he collapses on me, sliding down beaide me, pulling me into,his arms, whispering in my ear. "Now I might be able to sleep".
 I don't know if he is, because it doesn't take me more than 10 seconds drifting into a very satisfied sleep.

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