The Devil's Promise - The Fall

Torn between his love and hate for these creatures his Father has giving life too, Lucifer decides to show his Father the true nature of these creatures he loves so much, but what will consequence be? Will Lucifer’s love be his undoing or will it prove to be his biggest strength?
Will the love of one human change his destiny to the better or worse?


15. Kapitel 14

The doors opened with a storm, so it almost blew of the hinges. Lucifer stood in the doorway when three lightnings stroked down behind him and his hair was flat from the rain outside the castle.

Iad came walking by the door, deep focused in the book he had in his hands.

“Brother status in an hour” Lucifer walked pass Iad and up the stairs to his chamber.

After Lucifer closed the double doors behind, then he jumped directly into his bed. Visiting the world outside of Hell could really be a test for both the physics and the mental for angels, Lucifer couldn't understand how the angels could guard and be on earth so long time from period to period they were on earth.

Suddenly a sharp ring tone filled the whole castle, it ran through the halls and there were nowhere to hide from it.

Iad came running in to Lucifer's chamber with both hands raped around his ears, almost breaking the doors down to get in.

“Brother!” Iad shouted at Lucifer, who turned around also with both hands covering his ears.

“WHAT” Lucifer yelled back, but their voices drowned in the high pitch noise.

“WHERE THE HELL IS THIS NOISE COMING FROM” right in the middle of Iad yelling the sound justed stopped.

“Sorry for that, my ears are still ringing” Iad mumbled.

Lucifer sad up and drove his hand through his hair, when a demon came crashing, almost falling through the doors.

“Sir, sorry, but the basement has been sounding like a full-on battlefield down there since the sound began” The demon was gasping for air.

“Are you fricking kidding me? How can it sou.....” impulsively Lucifer ran as fast as he could almost fly down the stairs and through the halls with Iad and the demon trying to catch up with him, like a hunter trying to outrun a jaguar, although he knew that he wasn't fast enough.

Lucifer stopped right outside the door to the basement, to let Iad and the demon catch up with him.

Normally Iad didn't have a problem catching up with Lucifer in seconds but not today.

“Holy mother of a saint, what is happening down there” Iad exclaimed with a clear surprise in his voice.

“Don't know, but let's get down there to find out” Lucifer stared at the door knot almost like he was a little frightened, to what he would be finding down in the basement.
Lucifer opened the door and they all three hurried down the staircase when Lucifer stopped, and his chin dropped.

“Hey hot-shot nice seeing you again” Amilia smiled a bitchy and flirtations smile.

“Sir look behind her” The demon pointed behind Amilia, where Quilt and Raphael were holding Dazariach up between them, so they could walk faster out of hell to where they could fly home.

“So, your plan is to just burst in here and distract us all with some high blasts?” Lucifer uttered with a hint of sarcasm.

With a snap on Lucifer's fingers the demons came running down in steams surrounding them.

“Eww Luc got himself some pets to play with, I'm sorry brothers, but we are leaving, and we are taken Das with us” Amilia stood with a death look in her eyes with her voice screaming from sarcasm.

“Oh, darling do you really think I ever tried to prevent you from getting in? I'm done with Das I've gotten everything I needed out of him, so be my guest and leave, but only remember this, if you're ever getting in here again be sure that you'll never get out again” Lucifer's smile grew bigger and crueler, when he snapped his fingers again and all the demons made a clear path for the angels to go through without being harmed in anyway, the angels had gotten to the stairs in no time. Lucifer turned around and looked at Dazariach, when he said.

“Oh, Daz before you leave I want to say something to you so if you could get over here by yourself, do you think you can manage that?” Dazariach looked from Amilia to Lucifer with surprise and distrust, but after a few seconds he nodded, and the other angels helped him find his balance so he could walk over to Lucifer by himself.

When Dazariach was only a arm length away from Lucifer so only he and Iad could hear what Lucifer was about to whisper to Dazariach.

“Oh, Brother I'm sorry but you know more than I like you to know so it's time you say goodnight” Iad draw a thin and silvery dagger into Dazariach from the back and his eyes darkened so you couldn't see the color in them and his skin looked like someone had poured ashes all over him, then as a doll Dazariach felt.

“NOOOOO!” Amilia cried out loud and Raphael grabbed Amilia by her chest before they sprang and began to fly away as fast as they could.
Amilia looked back at Iad with a sad and longing glance.

After they were flown away, Lucifer laid his hand on Iad's shoulder and gave it a squeeze, before he walked slowly up the stairs.

“Well at least I know she is fine and doing great” Iad mumbled with a sad tone Lucifer turned his head and was almost certainty he saw a tear falling from Iads eye, but it felt fast and didn't leave any shining mark on his cheek.

“Are you coming or are you just going to stand there all night?” Like a wakeup call Iad shoke his head and began to followed Lucifer upstairs to the dining room where dinner was served.

“So, status now or after dinner?” Iad said looking at Lucifer when Christof came walking in with blood and mud up to his knees and elbows, even his hair had bloodstains in it.

“Really Chris? you are not even going to wash yourself a little? Btw where in hell have you been we had an angel problem here and I didn't see you among the demons”

Christof took a glance at his arms and lifted his shoulders.

“Well I was down looking for a special soul that I would want to talk with you about, but there were too crowded in the pit today, maybe it was because of the angels”

Lucifer looked at Christof face and saw a splint of sadness and undeniably love for something, but he wasn't sure.

The doors to the kitchen open a bit and this smell of well roasted pork and chicken, with garlic, parsley and some other seasonings Lucifer couldn't determine out from the smell.

All the highest standing demons came in and found their usual places and then the room began to be filled with laughter both dark and high tones, disagreement and jokes. After a day with all these angels and the chosen of a bride was Lucifer more than happy just to sit and relaxed, listening to all the demons chanting about what have happened today and whose had fun with some souls both here in hell and on earth. The chanting was like music for Lucifer’s ears and it immediately made him relaxed.

A demon walked up to Lucifer and bowed a little, he was still new and had a lot to learn, but Christof had found a perfect training place for him.

“Sir I'm sorry to say this but none of the demons have seen Claude all day and his teacher.... well let's just say that he can't teach anymore” Lucifer couldn't help but laugh a little after all Claude was a full growing and raised demon now, so his fighting skills would get better, but he wasn't quiet there mental yet.

“Thank you he'll drop by when he gets hungry the kid only knows how to make pasta” Lucifer smiled and waved the demon off, in the same time the food was served.

After dinner Lucifer went down to look for Claude in his chamber, but he wasn't there to find so Lucifer call five of his working demons out to search through all of hell to find any trace of Claude anywhere in the castle.

After hours of searching after Claude the demons gave up, they all went in a big herd to the ballroom, where Lucifer sat with a demon hore on his lap.

His one hand was inside of her clothes and his lips were on her neck, a laughter mixed with sensation escaped her mouth and her hands where all over Lucifer's body.

Stumbling over themselves the demons tried to come in contact with Lucifer.

“What!?” Lucifer growled back.

Still not taking his hands out from under her skirt and shirt, if you could call it a shirt.

“Sir we have looked all over the castle he is gone. Claude is nowhere to be found”

The demons looked down into the floor scared.

Then the door from the small kitchen went open and Claude came out with his mouth full of cake and more in his arms.

When the door closed after him he looked up and saw all the demons stand with their mouth drop almost all the way down to the floor.

“what?” Claude's mouth was so full that, when he talked cake fell out.

“Darling can you go up to my room then I'll come up when I have dealt with this” Lucifer gave the demon hooker a clap on her arse as she walks away from him and the demons.

After the hooker had left the ballroom Lucifer turned around so he looked at Claude, there still stood in front of the kitchen door, but his mouth was now half empty, though his arms where still full.

“Where in the hell and earth have you been hiding you little son of a demon!” Lucifer’s eyes burned so bright with anger and his wings unfolded so much that it made all of the demons there were in the room crimp, so they could make themselves smaller without any use.

“Well it's hard to answer a question when you'll already answered it for me” Claude stood like a big questions sign, then it was both Lucifer and the demons turn to look confused at Claude.

“What the fuck are you talking about Claude!? Why can't you just tell us where you have been?” Lucifer almost yelled, still confused.

“Well I was on earth just to take a look around and see if I could find some kind of my family in any form”

Claude stood still and a little scared of Lucifer’s reaction to his disappearing, how long have I been gone for? Claude looked at Lucifer.

“You have been gone the whole day Claude and what do you mean with family?” Lucifer walked off his chair and down to Claude, waving the other demons away.

“Claude why would you go out and search without talking with Iad or I? But did you found the things you were searching for?” Lucifer laid a hand on Claude's shoulder.

“Father can I ask you a question, before I answer?” Claude looked into Lucifer's eyes a little scared, but Lucifer could see the little boy he had been his eyes, yes they were getting more and more demonized, but it was still the same eyes like the first day Lucifer spotted Claude at the age of 6.

“Is the question, if we ever looked after your family?” Claude looked surprised at Lucifer not expecting the conversation to go the way it had. Claude nodded, not able to talk.

“Give me a second to call Iad because this we need to be both for” Lucifer snapped with his fingers and as call a demon appeared.

“fetch Iad and tell him that it is time now” The demon ran away to find Iad and it didn't take him long, before Lucifer could count to five, Iad stood in front of him.

“Why couldn't it be in a few decades instead of now” Iad's hair was in a ponytail in the back and his clothes was curled.

“how great do you remember your sister?” Iad looks at Claude.

“Well” Claude scratches his neck “Not much beside her eyes and her hair, why?”

“and you are sure that there isn’t anything else that you remember of her?” Lucifer looked with compassion at Claude like he was afraid, that he would shatter the second he would have found out about his sister.

“Iad, Father please just tell me, it can't be all that bad”

Claude’s eyes started to get wet and his lips shoke like an earthquake. Claude dried his cheeks and eyes with his sleeve and when he opened them again they were blood red and his facial expression was stoned.

“Tell it NOW!” Claude screamed, and the room began to spin around.

“Claude stop the spinning! That is an order and do it now!” Lucifer raised his voice more than he had ever needed to before with any of his demons, but Claude wasn't a demon like the rest of them and his sister wasn't a normal girl.

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