The Devil's Promise - The Fall

Torn between his love and hate for these creatures his Father has giving life too, Lucifer decides to show his Father the true nature of these creatures he loves so much, but what will consequence be? Will Lucifer’s love be his undoing or will it prove to be his biggest strength?
Will the love of one human change his destiny to the better or worse?


14. kapitel 13

Year 14


Leticia came running through the camp to find her sister Adalina, when she suddenly bumped into someone.

Leticia felt back on the ground, a pain in her hand screamed through her arm.

She looked at her right hand and saw a cut going through her palm.

“Oh, MyLady you're alright?” Leticia looked up ad the guy she'd bumped into.

The first thing she noticed was his bright golden eyes, his light brown hair felt in front of his face and he drove it away with his left hand, who was wearing a big silver ring with a black stone on it.

Leticia was speechless by the site of this mysterious guy, where did he come from? Why haven't I seen him in the camp before?  

“Oh, you’re bleeding, please let me help you with that” Leticia, still speechless and on the ground, gave him her hand as he sat down beside her.

Leticia could feel herself starring, she looked down in time to see him ripe a piece of his white shirt off, so he could bind it around her hand to stop the bleeding.

“please tell me if it's too tight” his voice was hoarse and warm almost compelling.

Leticia ended up just nodding to the things he said, knowing that her voice had completely and utterly failed her, if she even tried to talk.

“Well there miss that should stop it from getting infected” his body was really close to hers, she could smell him, he smelled like a rainy day and forest.

She looked up at him and noticed his beard was a little darker than his shoulder long hair but not much.

“I'm Rowlay miss.” he stood up and helped her back on her feet again, still a little shaken.

“I'm really sorry about your hand” Finally the awkward felling in her stomach disappeared and she felt her voice coming back.

“No, I'm sorry too. My name is Leticia” Heat fired up in her checks when she talked.

“Nice to meet you Leticia” He bowed a little as a man does for the older women in the village and had done for her mother when she lived.

The men in the village still saw her as a child and therefore they didn't bow for her yet, but she hoped that it would change soon when both her and Adalina had to marry.

Then suddenly Leticia remembered her sister and father waiting for her because of premariage rituals they had to perform tonight.

“I'm so sorry, but I have to run. Thank you for your help with my hand and again I'm sorry about before” She turned around running so fast that her lunges was burning when she finally got there.

“Leti where have you been and what happened to your hand?” Adalina looked suspicious, but again she had looked that way ever since their mother sadly past away.

“Girls that can wait” The Chief strong face was marked of time as a warrior and a leader.

“We need to do the ritual now” They all three went inside this chamber made by stones with a stone altar standing in the middle of the room. They walked over so they stood around it.

On the stone table there where three bowels, one with fire, blood and in the last one there was small animal bones from squirrels and rabbits.

Adalina was dressed in a long wavy beige dress and Leticia wore a knee long bright violet, both had a neckless with a dark blood red stone on.

The Chief started to ramble some words neither Leticia nor Adalina had heard before.

Suddenly the whole ground started to shake under them and the Chief grabbed their wrists with their birthmark a little too hard.

“Girls don't let go no matter what's happening” The Chief looked his daughters in their eyes and saw how frighten they were, but no matter how scared they was they didn't let go of each other.

Suddenly a shaped fire looking beam raised from the ground and up through the stones. A dark shape took form inside the flames, it started from the feet and took form upwards.

The girls pulled their hands quickly and hard and ran over to hide behind the Chief, he throw his arms out to shield the twins for this mysterious creature who took form right in front of their eyes.

“Girls didn't your dad just told you not to let go no matter what?” The mysterious man walked out of the fire and this dark brown-haired guy with the most beautiful indescribable eyes.

“Well hallo Chief nice to see you again” The mysterious stranger walked a little closer to the stone altar.

“Can't say the same about you. Who are you anyway?” The Chief kept the girls behind him.

“I'm Lucifer king of hell and the first fallen angel” Lucifer raised his chest proud.

“What do you want?” The Chief raised his voice a little to make him sound bigger and tough.

“You know what I want, I told you that when they were four years old”

“Wait you promised they would be 23 not 14 years” The surprise in the Chiefs voice was not to take wrong from.

“Yes, but as I said you shouldn't try to hide them for me and you just did”

“No please I swear I wasn't trying to hide them from you I promise” The Chief felt desperate and scared for his daughters.

“I'll make you a new promise, but mark my words if you do not keep it, then your wife won’t be the last person you care about who dies in your arms” Lucifer smiled a dangerous smile “Feel like making a deal with the devil?”

“I'd kill a thousand men before I would let one make me his slave” Adalina hissed at Lucifer

“Then it's good I'm not a human man or a man to kill darling” Lucifer laughed at her sudden surprised expression.

“I'm not your darling and with your look I’ll never be that” Adalina almost screamed back at his face.

“Don't give me attitude, darling. I have one of my own”

Lucifer’s voice was calm, warm and completely under control.

“Alright what deal are you willing to give me?” The Chief knew he had lost the fight for both his daughters, but if he could save at least one of them, then he had saved a little piece of their mother by doing so.

“You will get 6 years together as the family you are, but I'll choose today, the other one has to wait with marriage until they are 20 years old” Lucifer looked from one girl to the other. “Alright which of my daughters do you seek in marriage or what you will call it” The Chief didn't look at Lucifer but at the ground not believing himself in this moment.

“My bride to be is the youngest with the oldest soul, Adalina” A little relief ran over Leticia when she heard her sisters name, but it took only a second and then the panic was back not knowing how she should protect her sister.

“papa you can't let him, please papa” Adalina's eyes were filled up with tears while she begged her father.

The Chief couldn't look his daughters in their eyes afraid for how his own reaction would be, but he knew he need to do what was best for the village not himself.

“Ada and Leti you need to think of the greater good there are so many in this village who are counting on us”

“yes, papa we understand” Adalina nodded and half bowed for Lucifer and her father.

Adalina brushed her skirt, took a deep breath and walked towards Lucifer.

“You sir are a psychopath” Adalina looked Lucifer right in his eyes with stubbornness and determination.

“Well darling, I prefer creative” Lucifer smiled at her, but she rolled her eyes at his answer.

“Keep rolling your eyes darling, maybe you'll find a brain back there” Lucifer snapped at her.

Adalina's eyes through open in shock and disgust, she took a few steps back, to get some distance between them.

“Well now this is cleared, then I'll find my way home and I will see you my lady in 6 years so enjoy your time together with your family”

Lucifer disappeared with a snap in his fingers.

Adalina turned around so she faced her dad and sister. Leticia ran over and the girls hugged closer than they had ever done before.

“I'm so sorry Ada I wish that it wouldn't have to be this way” The Chief stood back watching his daughters cry in each other’s arms.

The Chief turned around and left the daughters alone in the cave. After a few moments both Adalina and Leticia came out all red eyed from crying, still holding hands.

“Ada I'm...” “Don't papa, just don't” Adalina couldn't even looked at the Chief, when they turned their backs to him and walked home to their tent.

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