The Devil's Promise - The Fall

Torn between his love and hate for these creatures his Father has giving life too, Lucifer decides to show his Father the true nature of these creatures he loves so much, but what will consequence be? Will Lucifer’s love be his undoing or will it prove to be his biggest strength?
Will the love of one human change his destiny to the better or worse?


13. Kapitel 12


Claude was hiding in a closet from two of the demon warriors who ran after him because of an inercent prank, or at least that was what Claude told himselvs that it was.

He could hear them outside of the room and he knew he would get so many beats for the prank, but it wasn't his fault that they couldn't see the fun in it.

When their foodsteps was so far away, that he knew the hallway was clear for him he run out and tried to get as fast as he could down to the ballroom where he should meet with his teacher, who he was already late for.

Claude could see the double doors into the ballroom when he opened the door and walked calmly over to Lucifer who stood with the new teacher waiting for him when the two demons who had looked for him came out of the kitchen all wet from trying to was of the colors from his prank.

Both their faces lighted up with rage and their blood raised to their faces and turned it extremly red.

“Claude why can't you just do as you're told and not bother the demons?” Lucifer looked both amused and a little disappointed in him, but he knew that Lucifer couldn't begin to laugh at the prank while both the teacher and the demons where near them, then they'll both be in a much bigger trouble, than he was in already.

Although Lucifer was the king of hell, the demons didn't give a fuck when they got laughed at.

“But father it was only a harmless prank, no one got hurt that much by this prank” Claude looked at the two demons who still got blue and white paint dripping from their hair and clothes.

“Claude, many times shall I tell you that teasing or in anyway interfere with the demons while they work is forbidden?” Lucifer had to sound extra hard on him in hope that it would help Claude, but he was and would always be a child, yes he would grew up a little but only until he would reach the age of sixteen human years and then his physical would stop evolving but he would still learn and evolving as long as he was a demon.

“Sorry father it won't happen again, but I'm just so borred down here can I just come out and see the world for just an hour or two soon?” Claude had been in hell for a few years now he was fiveteen and all his feelings was racing in side him and the demon feelings inside him was beginning to spring forth and both his pranks and his eyes were changing from the innocent brown they had been to more red demon eyes and this was without him getting angry.

Claudes blond hair was also beginning to change into a more red-ish color the oldere he got and Lucifer knew it was because he was growing up in hell and had been here since he was a little 6 years old innocent child.

“Claude why don't you show Mr. Altenburger where the classroom is and where he will be staying? Then I'll talk with you about your 'little' prank later and maybe Dave and Keld gets to get their revenge for your prank” Claude began to blush and nodded before making a hand gestulation to the teacher Mr. Altenburger, that he should be following him.

When Claude and Mr. Altenburger had left the ballroom Lucifer turned around looking with a grin in his eyes at the two demons and they laughed so hard that their stomach began to hurt a little. Hopefully Claude will remember this and stop pranking the demons from now on.

“Well my lord I'll think we'll go back to work” The demon whos name was Dave gave a little nod at Lucifer and they both left the ballroom so Lucifer where alone.

Lucifer decided to go down to Dazariach to get more of his questions answered.

Down in the celler Lucifer could hear that Iad already was questioning about his sister and the others there once was their friends, but after they felled and Lucifer made the demons, the angels who once was their friends and family was now enemies.

“Iad she's fine don't you worry about your sister. She is a tough girl and she can make her own decisions” Dazariach jumped up and back into his cell, when Lucifer raised his voice.

“Not again brother, please don't. I have already told you guys to much so you hae found the girls, but I can't say anything more please I beg you brothers” Dazariach begged every single time Lucifer came down there and every single time he left, it was with new informations about the girls or their ancestors.

“Daz you know I can't stop right now, I'm so close to finding out who their first ancestor was.” Lucifer pitied Dazariach, but he also knew the only way he could get peace in his heart was to get his suspicion verified.

“Daz you know I can't help you if you don't help me”

“Luc what have happened to you? Once you was the most gentle and wonderful angle of all, but now you'r worse than I ever thought you could get.”

“Daz maybe Father have already given up on you because no angles is send or has ever been send to save you”

Dazariach felt down on the cell floor with a bump his face showed nothing, not even sadness.

His eyes were closed and his blond waved hair feld infront of his eyes.

“What do you wanna know this time, brother”

Dazariach didn't look up at Lucifer, it was like he just had given up on everything.

“Tell me who they are descendants from, and please do it quick we all hate being down here”

Dazariach took a deep breath, so you clearly could see how his chest raised. All his muscles began to harden, he clenched his fists so hard that the veins.

“Fine but you won't like the answers you are going to get” Dazariach looked up with his heaven blue eyes sad and all out of fight and hope.

“The girls and the many twin girls there have been before them are a direct bloodline all the way back to.....well you can say their bloodline goes all they way back to God somehow” Iad sat silent, just listening too the detajles a little scared, but also a little curious.

“What do you mean by direct bloodline too God?”  Lucifer felt a slightly curoiusity growing inside him.

Dazariach looked down at his hands with the looked of pain like he was being tortured.

“Well you do still remember before your got cast out of heaven right?” Both Lucifer and Iad nodded “Well God....Father had greated these creatures and they created a little girl named Aniel” Lucifer's face got all pale and his mouth dropped open.

“Do you mean to tell me that, these girls are direct descentens from the girl I fell in love with billions a years ago, but that can't be for she died before she could get any children and she didn't have a man to make them with! So how can this be possible” Lucifer almost yelled to hide how shaky his voice was becoming, it was almost like he was starting to hold a cry in.

Iad was shocked over the news about Aniel had been alive when they rebeled and got cast out of heaven.

“Father us make a secret place for her where you couldn't find her, so she could live as the human she was, without any fear of you trying to convince that her live doesn't mean anything and that she needed to become an angle”

Dazariach was scared of the reaction Lucifer would have when he found out who became the girls guardian after he made his mistake.

“There one more thing, I wasn't asigned to keep watch over all the guardians right after you felt, but I know who her guardian was...” “WHAT!! WHO!!!” Both Lucifer and Iad exclaimed at the same time.

Dazariach looked a little speechless up at them, this wasn't quiet the reaction he had expected, but it was definitly better than no reaction at all because that meant that Lucifer still loved and wasn't gone.

“The angel who guarded her was Micheal” Dazariach felt a burning guilt growing inside of him, suddenly Iad stand up and walked out of the basement.

Lucifer looked at Dazariach and for a few secends Dazariach think he saw some empathy and care in Lucifer's eyes, but he wasn't completely sure.

Lucifer turned his back to Dazariach and walked out to find Christof.

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