The Devil's Promise - The Fall

Torn between his love and hate for these creatures his Father has giving life too, Lucifer decides to show his Father the true nature of these creatures he loves so much, but what will consequence be? Will Lucifer’s love be his undoing or will it prove to be his biggest strength?
Will the love of one human change his destiny to the better or worse?


12. Kapitel 11

Somewhere four years later.

“Leticia! Adalina! Where are you hiding? The Chief and his wife are going to kill me if their golden children are missing!” Magelina the babysitter ran and called everywhere near their tent.

“They are only 4 years old where can these girls be?” Magelina stopped up to get her breath when she heard a little laughter coming from under the bed in the tent.

Magelina looked under it and found the two girls curled up with each other laughing at their own little prank.

The two girls screams with happiness and crawled out from under the bed and ran over to hug her legs, when the Chief and his wife came in the tent finding the girls wrapped around Magelina's legs.

“Oh their we have our little golden girls come and give pappa a big hug” The Chief sat down on one knee and the two girls ran as fast as they could in to their fathers arms.

The Chief's wife walked over and laied her hand on his shoulder.

“Thank you Mag for looking after the girls while we helped with the reaping of the grain” The Chief's wife gave Magelina a little hug before she walked over to her own family's tent where her big brother was waiting for her to come home.

Inside the tent the Chief and his wife watched the two girls play nicely with each other on the floor, while they prepared the dinner, suddenly a big thunder came over the village and a lightning stroke down at one of the trees near the horses and it broke in to two pieces.

The Chief and the grown men ran out to see if anything had happen with the animals or the others in the village, but when he got back he found not only his wife and the girls but also this strange looking guy, a guy who diffenetly wasn't human.

The stranger liftet his hand towards the girls and Leticia reached her little hand out to take his hand, but Adalina stood scared behind her mother and tried to hide herself from this strange man, who had suddenly appeared infront of them.

The Chief hurried over and graped Leticia, so he couldn't touch her.

“Who are you stranger? What do you want with my family?” The Chief looked the stranger right in his eyes, but all he saw was something colorful and undescribably.

The stranger took a step towards the little family, but when they began to back away he stopped.

“I mean you no harm for now, but one day when your girls have reached the age of 23 then I will take my bride and don't try to hide her from me, because my bond to both of your girls are now so strong that I can find them anywhere they'll go” The Chief and his wife looked upset and angry at this stranger who comanded their child as his wife, but why them.

“Do you see their bithmarks on their left wrist? That star is the mark of me and if they are born with that it means an angle has blessed them to live happy as long as they shall live and that is for a long time”

“But how can our daughter live happy if she is going to marry an old and almost dying man when she has comed at age?” The Chief was scared for both of his girls lives and of this stranger.

“Don't worry you'll see what I mean and that I'm going to keep my word” Suddenly the thunder started again and lightning came faster and the whole family look at the tent opening and when they looked back the stranger was gone.

The Chief and his wife couldn't stop the girls from growing, but they knew that they shouldn't live in fear as long as they could.


10 years later


The girls was almost hard to tell apart except from their hair, Leticia had blood red hair and Adalina hair was black as the night.

Leticia was running around with all the other children of her age from the village while Adalina was sitting with her mother making clothes and blankets for the village.

Leticia came running in to the tent where her mother and sister sat.

“Letty please don't run in here we're working” Leticia stopped up immediately.

“Sorry ma'” Leticia sat down beside her sister.

Leticia watched her sister and mother make their work when her mother suddenly fell down from her chair, her eyes turned white, her chest starts to bounce and shaking, Leticia through herself at the floor beside her mother and laid her head on her thighs, while she drove her hand through her mothers hair.

“Ada run! GET PAPPA NOW!” Adalina runned out of the tent and through the whole village to find the tent where the warriors and the Chief's meetings were hold.

“Pappa! Pappa! It's ma' she is sick you need to hurry!” The Chief and some of the men raised themselves up faster than you could count to 1.

“Ada find the village doctor fast!” Adalina noded and ran as fast as she could.

The Chief ran straight in the tent and found Leticia and his wife on the floor, Leticia was crying and he ran over and slamed himselves at the floor beside them and pulled them into his chest.

Adalina and the doctor came running in to find them sitting all coudled up on the floor, as soon Leticia saw Adalina she stood up and ran into her arms and the two girls fell down on the floor crying and coudling into each other. The doctor hurried over to the Chief, they laid her on the bed and the doctor turned his so he faced the Chief.

“Get everybody out of here the tent needs to be silent”

The Chief noded and picked the two girls up from the floor and leaded them out of the tent over to Magelina who came running out when she heared the girls crying.

“What have happened? Are they alright?” Magelina's vioced pitched when she saw the girls and the girls runned towards her still crying.

“It's their ma' she isn't felling well the doctor has asked me to give their ma' and him some peace while he is examening her” The Chief gave both girls a kiss on the forehead and walked back to the tent where his wife were.

After five hours the doctor came out of the tent with his head down and walked right over to the Chief and the girls.

“I'm so sorry Chief, but there was nothing I could do. She was too far ahead with the cancer, but before she died she gave me these two rings that the girls should have”

One ring was a black small ring with light blue stone that ring gave the doctor to Leticia, the other ring was white gold with engravings down the side and in the midle a white stone, the doctor gave that to Adalina.

Leticia ran out to the lake to sit alone.

When she came down to the lake she walked out so the water covert up to her knees, it was cold and the buttom of her dress was getting wet.

A little red squirrel came crawling down the tree infront of her with it's mouth full of acorn, when it stopped it looked at her and turned it's head a little before it ran away again.

She looked down at her feets in the water and saw how the bottom of the lake was mud and how it flow around her toes and little fishes where swimming around her not taking any notice of her.

She walked around in the lake and saw how the fishes spread when she sad her food down.

Suddenly she looked up when something moved around in the bushes and made it shake.

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