Locked up with the Badboy.

I take a seat on the floor in front of him, "What?"

He combs a hand through his dark hair and sighs, "This is a maximum security prison, the people here have killed babies, shot up schools , killed multiple partners and run crime rings and you, are saying that I'm mean? "


38. Published on Amazon :)

Hi peoples!!! 

It's been such a long time! 

So It turns out editing takes a lot longer then one would think and I gave up like a million times... But finally I have a version that I'm happyish with...

I ended up publishing my edited version on Amazon rather then Wattpad because Amazon gives you the option of also printing a paperback (Which I'll be doing in the next two weeks.) 

Because I want you all to get to read it. The book will be free on kindle from Wednesday until Sunday (Which is the longest they'll let me.) After that the book will go up to 99 cents. 

If you want to read the new version (which still has quite a similar plotline and start to the old one) then you can find it here...

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078LGSN3P (P.S: you may have to copy and paste.)

I'm really proud of this little story and all the things it's done. 


 Penlope Green








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