La Rosa

A teen girl who is only 18 named Iridessa is a poor girl with no home will she have hope from a Rose and up above.


1. Dreams

Iridessa woke up from one of her dreams she looked down and all she could see was her dirty,ripped up clothes.  She then looked to her left she could see her mom sleeping at the curve of the sidewalk Iridessa put one hand on her "don't 

worry mom we will be okay" said Iridessa she got up and looked around the town

She took our her diary and started writing :  Guess what happened in my dream i saw a women she looked

                                                                           like a women i've seen before she has like a coat or something 

                                                                           over her head and it's green she's like the one who give roses 

                                                                           i have to know this women i need to tell her in my next dream 

She then closes her diary "now how did the background look like she said and thought for a second there was a long pause 

"Oh yeah" Iridessa said as an "ok i have it".  Iridessa walked to the road and looked down and saw a ring. she ran to it and grabbed it then came back she looked at the crescent moon "wow this must belong to someone" she said, "i better give it back to whoever it is" Iridessa turned the ring over and it had the address of the person and their name and everything "great i could just walk to her house tomorrow" said Iridessa, "but right now i have to figure out who this women is and what she wants from me" 

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