The Haunted

"Oh Lucinda, if you think this has a happy ending, then you haven't been paying attention." She smirked amused by Lucinda's sense of optimism.

Something has come back to Bishops Green. Something that wants to kill. Something unworldly.
Sixteen year old Lucinda Marcs is cute, fun and looking forward to the start of her Junior year of High School. But little does she know that something evil has made it's way into Bishop's Green, her quaint, seemingly normal town where nothing ever happened.
And when Lucinda finds herself caught up in the mess it's up to her to figure out how to get rid of this evil for good.
But what happens when her best friend becomes a target? Will she be able to save her? Or will she fall with her?


27. Chapter Twenty-Seven:

Brad's eyes snapped open when he heard a howl of pain and it took him a moment to realise it was coming from Lucinda. Her back was arched and lifted off the floor her arms had now dropped to her sides as she screamed. 

He knew he couldn't touch her or do anything to help her he just had to watch as her body convulsed in front of him. He was almost grateful the crypt was dark so he couldn't properly see how much pain she was in. He wondered if this was a good sign and hoped this meant it was working.

Lucinda's body burned like a fire was being ignited inside of her as her body lifted itself up off the floor. She clenched her fists into the sheet beneath her trying to release some of the pain. It felt like every bone in her body was breaking. She screamed as her body rippled in pain. Her eyes rolled back into her head before she heard a whispering inside of her. "Power, Power, Power." The voice grew louder with each word. 

"Take the power." The voice told her. Lucinda stopped fighting against the pain and her body fell back onto the sheet. She let the burning sensation flow through her body trying to ignore the need to fight it off. Her throat closed up and her heart slowed to a dangerously low beating, her eyelids fluttered open and closed three times before finally they closed. 

Suddenly the candles all went out and Brad hurried to get them lit again. As the small tips of light returned he could see Lucinda laying silently beside him. She looked dead. Her chest wasn't rising with the beats of her heart and she looked an unusual pale. He'd killed her, he thought.

He gasped loudly a tightness hitting his chest. What had he done? He was sure he'd done everything right and it still hadn't worked. And he'd killed her. Her lifeless body lay frozen beside him and as he looked over her a few tears spilled out from his eyes. He held his head in his hands as he couldn't believe what he'd done.

A loud gasp of air made Brad snap his head up and look at Lucinda. She wasn't lying still anymore she had sat up and was looking at him intently. It had worked, he smiled brightly as he looked at her eyes. He embraced her in a tight hug almost pushing them both to the floor. He was so happy she was alive. He pulled away from her and held onto her shoulders looking at her as she smiled at him.

Lucinda felt different. She almost felt giddy. She smiled brightly as she looked at Brad but she noticed something different in the way he looked at her. "What?" She asked. Brad laughed and looked down at the floor. She was glowing and he still couldn't believe it had worked.He pulled himself and Lucinda up off the floor. He let out a harsh breathe before reaching into his backpack and pulling out a small mirror. He held it out to Lucinda along with one of the lit candles and let her take it from him.

To say she was confused was an understatement but she held the mirror and the candle in front of her and took a glance at her reflection. She gasped loudly when she saw the person staring back at her. It looked like her but she was sure it wasn't. That couldn't be her staring back at her. Unless it really had worked. Lucinda's reflection glowed back at her with eyes shining silver like bright diamonds. Her skin was brighter and looked softer. What had happened to her? 

Brad hadn't told her she would look different if it worked. Nothing was written in the books about sparkly eyes and glowing skin which was a pretty big thing to leave out.

"I can't go out looking like this." Lucinda cried but laughed at her situation. She knew she couldn't make it out of the church and outside without somebody seeing her. Surely people would think she was crazy if her eyes sparkled and her skin glowed like the sun. Brad laughed and took the mirror away from her, "it's ok. It means it worked." He told her. 

Brad packed everything he had brought back into his bag blowing out all of the candles leaving them in darkness. Lucinda used the torch on her Iphone to light their way back to the door. She was happy to be leaving the crypt but nervous about going outside. What if somebody see's me like this, she thought.

Brad handed her his jacket to put over her head and told her to keep her head down as they walked out. Lucinda followed closely behind him and avoided any potential eye contact as they left the church. The sun was no longer shining outside and the sky was now covered in clouds.

A loud bang of thunder and a clash of lightening was heard from above as Lucinda handed Brad his jacket back. They both knew what this meant. She knew. But it also meant it had worked and she could finally end this. She just had to work out how to use this new power she had inside of her. 

Lucinda grabbed Annie's journal from her bag and flipped it open to the third page. She'd read in here about how Annie had felt her power inside of her like a ball of energy and how she'd used that energy to force her power into The Ivy Witch. But how Lucinda didn't know. Maybe it was just a feeling. She had to admit she did feel lighter as if she was almost floating instead of standing.

The thunder and lightening grew louder and louder and as Brad and Lucinda walked out of the church gates a heavy rain started to fall. She looked over at Brad and said, "let's go." Lucinda shoved the book back inside her tote and grabbed Brad's arm. She took off down the street running in the direction of the woods. 

The woods were a good nine blocks away from the church and they had to get there now. With the rain falling heavily Lucinda knew there was no way she'd be able to read anymore of Annie's notes. She'd jut have to hope and pray she found a way to release the power inside of her.

Lucinda wasn't sporty or psychically fit in anyway but she felt light as she ran down the street faster than she'd ever ran before. It felt like she was flying and her body wasn't being pushed to it's limits. Brad even had to push himself to keep up with her and he thought of himself as a decent runner.

The streets were mostly empty as the unexpected storm had sent everybody inside. The pair ran through the rain and the wind desperate to get to the woods as quickly as they could. Lucinda hoped her parents and Noah kept themselves inside safe from the evil that was thundering down on their little town. She may have only been sixteen but she was desperate to protect her family.

She couldn't even begin to imagine life without her parents or Noah and her bad thoughts pushed her harder and faster towards her destination. If this was going to end it was going to end now, she told herself.

As he ran Brad felt like he was going to be sick and that all his insides would come out of his body as well as he pushed himself harder than he'd ever done before. He watched as Lucinda ran faster and faster towards the woods desperately trying to keep up with her. He didn't want her to go in there by herself though he couldn't do anything to help her he wanted her to know he was there if she needed him.

Lucinda darted round the corner of Poppins street deciding to take the back route to the woods. She hoped entering a different way would give her an advantage and maybe some time to look through her book. She could see the tall oak trees that dominated the woods in the distance and looked behind her to make sure Brad was still with her.

He looked tired and in pain as she saw him pushing himself to keep up with her. Was she really going that fast? 

Lucinda slowed down to a stop when she reached the last block and listened as Brad stopped behind her. She turned to him, smiled and said, "it's now or never." She took a deep breath building up her adrenaline and took off running again. Brad sighed heavily trying hard to breath. Lucinda's feet hit the pavement in short, sharp bursts as she focused her vision on the trees and the entrance to the woods. That was all she could see in her mind. 

She didn't stop as she reached the entrance and ran through the small gap in the bushes. She began to dart around the trees looking for her. She had to be here somewhere. She could almost feel it. She hoped Brad was ok behind her and knew he'd catch up with her eventually.

As she weaved around the roots sticking up out from the earth threatening to pull her to the floor and the small bushes that held the nervous creatures that inhabited the woods she noticed things she had never noticed in the woods before. She noticed how the trees bent in the wind and the rain and how the small noises the insects made altogether sounded like a song. She noticed the earths colour glowed brighter than it's usual dull, dirty,  brown and how the leaves on the ground no longer made noises of protest as they scrunched under her feet. It felt like she belonged in here.

Lucinda stopped running as she entered the main clearing in the woods. The noise of the thunder and lightening could still be heard above her as the rain ceased to fall around her. There in front of her was the tall, dark, evil woman she had come to see. Noticing Lucinda's presence she turned around and grinned evilly at her. 

"Lucinda, Lucinda, Lucinda." She spoke her voice like ice against Lucinda's ears. "I must say you all get more evolved each time I meet you." She laughed. Yup she definitely knows, Lucinda thought.

Lucinda could feel a warm rush surging through her body and she wondered if that was her new found power she'd gained. "But you're much more different than the others." She said to Lucinda a flash of concern fleeting across her face. 

Lucinda looked over the woman and remembered every time she'd seen her in her dreams. She had the same long dark hair, the same beautiful pale complexion and the same empty black eyes. Then she remembered something else. Her name.

"Marissa." Lucinda said and the woman laughed at her. "So you were paying attention to those dreams of yours." She taunted. Lucinda hadn't expected her to know about her dreams or be aware of what was actually happening in them.

"How do you know about my dreams?" Lucinda questioned.

The woman let out a sarcastic laugh throwing her head back unnecessarily. She looked over at Lucinda and said, "My dear who do you think gave you those dreams." 

"It was you?" Lucinda asked confused.

"It's part of your miracle. A kind of warning sign to the 'miracle' family that the big bad witch was in town." Marissa laughed.

Lucinda had been told the dreams were a warning or a vision of some kind but it still didn't answer the one burning question. Why was Brad in them?

"What exactly is it you want?" Lucinda questioned as she moved forward closer to the witch. The witch looked taken back by the questioned but answered, "Why revenge of course." Lucinda wasn't so sure the witch believed her own answer. "For something that happened almost three hundred years ago?" Lucinda pushed. "Something that nobody alive today was involved in?" Lucinda added.

"I cursed this land for a reason Lucinda." Marissa told her. 

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." Lucinda spoke and she could see the witches brows furrow. She was standing mere inches away from the witch now unable to perceive the amount of confidence that ran through her. She was face to face with a dark witch and she didn't feel threatened. She felt light.

"You have no idea what you are talking about. You're a child." The witch shouted angrily at Lucinda. "So were you. You were a child when you were scorned. Pushed away by the man you loved and who you thought loved you in return." Lucinda argued back.

"You think bringing up history is going to save you and your pathetic little town." Marissa snarled. Lucinda knew it wasn't she was merely trying to figure the woman out. It was clear after all these years she was still angry about what had happened to her. 

"You may look stronger but you're just as pathetic as they all were." She told Lucinda. "I am more than who I was all those years ago. No longer weak and feeble. I have the power of all these years behind me." She roared and Lucinda felt the ground begin to shake underneath her feet. "I am a Demon of Hell and you Lucinda, can't stop me." 

She opened her mouth and thick, dark shadows seeped out from between her lips. Shadows Lucinda had only ever seen in her nightmares but now they were right in front of her. They lined up beside the witch three either side of her and Lucinda had no idea how she was supposed to fight them.

"You can't win. You can't win." The shadows began to whisper as their shapes formed into people. Lucinda had expected them to look evil and dangerous but as she looked over the people standing beside the witch she realised they looked sad. They were her prisoners.

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