A story about AC


1. AC part 1

    In my knowledge of Bar Harbor, ME there has never been a hotter heat wave.  Oh well at least it’s not winter.  Then the heat would be unbearable.  In fact it’s July first, only 62 hours till the town festival.  If it even happens.  If the heat wave goes away in time, and if not then the fourth will be spent sitting around doing nothing.  

        Right now I’m sitting at lunch, in the back yard with Mona, my boy crazy friend, eating popsicles.  “So what do you think will happen to the people who can’t afford air conditioning,” I asked.

        “What do you mean,” inquired Mona.

        “Some of the people in poverty have no shelter from this weather,  and that cause heat exhaustion,” I explained.

    “What can we really do then,” began Mona before getting a distinct look and adding, “I wonder if Brian’s AC got fixed yet”.

        I groaned inwardly and reminded, “off topic Mona”.

        Mona is a nice person and is fun to be around.  Unless she has a crush, or a boyfriend.  I wish she would get over it already, none of them stick around for more than a week or two.  

        “Sorry but I think I found love this time,” said Mona dreamily.

        “You always say that,” I hint.

        “But this will be different,” instead Mona.   

        There was no arguing with Mona, so I changed the subject.  “Want to throw a frisbee around at the park,” I suggested.  

        “Or we could play Where’s Waldo,” said Mona with lust.

        “I will so win,” I challenged.


        A few minutes later we were sitting in my living room playing.  The point of the game was to find Waldo and stop the other player.  I clicked a random spot on the screen and Waldo came up.  Mona turned and glared at me.  I glared at her and teased, “did you think you stood a chance”.

        Mona was about to answer when her phone rang.  “Oh hi Brian, the movies now! Yes,” exclaimed Mona on her phone.

        “Now!” I yelled.

        “But Brian,” protested Mona.

        “But Brian is another guy that will ditch you in a week,” I said testily.

        “You’ll never get it,” shied Mona, getting up.

        “Mona are you even happy with,” I never got to finish the sentence.  The doorbell rang.

        Mona hurried to the door and opened it.  Brain was at the door.

        “How did you know Mona was here!” I yelled shooting up from the couch.

        Brain blinked at me confused.  Mona glared at me.  “What,” I asked with my cheeks burning, I already knew what.

        “Ann I told Brian over the phone,” said Mona, like she was talking to a little kid.

        “Oh,” I muttered, stepping back.

        Mona ignored my endorsement and started chattering to Brian, “Sorry about how Ann came off, but she did bring up a point earlier about how are the poorer people going to get shelter from the heat”.

        “We could go to the movies,” said Brian.  What an insensitive jerk.

        “Or we could…” I started.

        “Not,” finished Mona and Brian together.  Mona looked at Brian and giggled.

        Why I thought.  “So what could you not do,” I challenged.

        They looked at there feet in imbursement.  I’d had it with boy-crazy and Brian Mic-annoying, “get out of my house,” I said flatly.

        “Come on Brian,” exclaimed Mona realizing I wanted to be alone.


        After they left I went up to my room and turned on the radio.  The news would be on in ten minutes, after three more songs.  I flopped down on my bed closed my eyes and focused on the music.  Colors and feeling surrounded me.  The music felt louder and stronger, full of power.  And calm surrounded me and the calm was full of power, like the music.  

        “And now for our newscast from the BXD center,” blared a voice on the radio, “Four more children have collapsed from the heat, tragic isn't it.  City leaders are saying for the family that the young need to stay in and out of the heat and”.  

        I jumped up and turned the radio off.  All of them were on government funds.  All of them had barely enough for food.  All there parents worked ten hour shifts.  And all of them our the future leaders.  With so much there in that idea that we need to care, why does no one.


        The next day at school I ran into Brian.  “Sorry about yesterday,” I said.

        “I’m cool with it, besides Mona thinks every boy is her boyfriend.  I was just helping her with homework and the movie was for our humanities assignment,” he paused then added, “I have another girl I see as my girlfriend anyway”.

        I looked at Brain and said, “you do realize that you girlfriend is probably wondering why you’re with Mona”.

        “It’s ok, she has been with us for a few study times,” replied Brain.

        I nodded then said, “Mona thinks your her true love, if you tell her about your girlfriend could you be nice about it”.  

        “No I’m not going to just straight up insult her and leave,” reasoned Brain.

        “Good,” I responded politely, as I was leaving.

        Later when Mona caught up with me she had a scowl on her face.  I with no common sense, asked, “Let me guess Brain ditched you”.

        “No,” said Mona deadly serious.

        I sat down and looked Mona in the eye, it was our way of saying we were there for each other.

        I don’t know what was going through Mona, but she slapped me and snapped, “You're not there after going behind me”!

        Everyone was looking at us.  “Mona could we have this conversation someplace more private,” I pleaded.

        “Why you went worried about that earlier!” exclaimed Mona.

        “What are you talking about?” I asked softly.

        “BRIAN!” hollered Mona, stalking off.

        I got it.  My conversation with him earlier that day.  Mona’s boy craziness had never bothered me much, but now it was coming between us.  For what?

        I leaned over and grabbed my blank music sheets.  Time to song write my way out.


        “Mom, could I have your help with something,” I asked, walking into our kitchen, later that day.

        “Sure, what is it,” answered my mom.

        “I ran into Mona’s date in the hall today and now Mona thinks I want to go out with him,” I explained.

        “Do you like him,” asked Mom.

        “No!” I yelled, then added, “why do parents think like that”.

        “Honestly I don’t know to both questions,” responded mom.

        “I’ll be in my room with music,” I said.

        “I’ll finish dinner then,” said mom ending the conversation.  In the time it would be for dinner to be done, I could finally lose myself in the world of color and sound, behind my eyes.


        Laying on the bed with music running is good therapy for stress.  It is also good when you want to focus.  When you can’t even focus on music, that’s not good.  After awhile I got up and went to my computer.  Wonder why I see color I thought randomly.  Looking it up I found; synesthesia.  

        There were others.  That did it.  First my friend leaves me for a boy, then this.  If I went to bed now this craziness would end.  Besides I was so tired, which didn't make sense because I had hardly done anything.

        I looked at my pillow, “sleep,” it seemed to say.  Ok, I was napping.


        “Ann,” said a voice cutting into my sleep.

        “Go away,” I muttered.

        “Get up,” instated the voice.

        “Fine,” I growled opening my eyes.  My Mom was hovering over me.  “What do you want,” I snapped at her.

        “It’s eight-o'clock in the morning, 24 hours till the fireworks,” said my mom gleefully.

        “Eight!” I yelled jumping up and grabbing my pants, “I’m late for school”.

        “You're not going to day,” replied my mom.

        I stopped.  Looked at my mom.  Grinned.  “Thank you,” I hollered hugging my mom.

        “Want to know why you're up,” asked mom with a grin.

        “Yes!” I exclaimed, still giddy.

        “The water pipe broke up the street so we folded,” explained my mom.

        “Ok let me at my laptop,” I answered.

        Mom handed me my laptop and left.

        While I was home I need to learn more about AC.  Air condition history I typed.  3,000 results.  I had work to do.



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