Lost In The Shadows

I’m Brooklyn Addison. I prefer to be referred to by my middle name which my dad gave me: Malia. Brooklyn screams your typical stuck up, bubbly and full of life teenager but that was the old me...


7. Lost and Trapped.

Chapter Seven.


As the centre door slammed behind me harshly, my dad watched me; his daughter being taken away from him. He wasn’t doing anything, he thought of it as helping me but I knew this wouldn’t help me. I needed to be around the people I care about.

The first impression of the staff, wasn’t that great. Bluntly, the woman said, “Lights off are: now, breakfast is served at 8 and you have your first group therapy session at 9:30.”

 I nodded, I could tell this place was going to drain the life out of me, whatever I had left of it anyway. Walking past the doors, I looked through the tiny windows to see crying people. Was rehab really like this? Whenever I thought of rehab, I thought of the place where celebrities went to get over an addiction, but this looked more like a sanatorium, a nut house. The rooms had four tiny, white walls, two single metallic beds and that was it. They looked more like prison cells.  

The door behind me thumped shut and the girl on the opposite bed started to speak to me. She had dark, short hair, with colourful blue highlights at the end. I don’t know how, but it told me a lot about her already.

 “Hello.” She paused looking at my name tag, “Malia, what brings you here?

“Well.” Looking down at her name tag, “Charlotte, Isn’t it a tad obvious? It’s rehab.”

“No, no darling! This is the psych ward. Other rooms aren’t like this, these rooms are proofed especially for people like me who experiment with death a lot.”

I knew I was going to like this girl, Charlotte. I saw a lot of me in her and I liked that.

“Well go on, what’s your story? It better be worth it if you’re coming to a place like this.”

“Wait, what do you mean?”

“Let’s just say; bad things happen here. Ok, before you ask questions…” she slowly looked at the camera.

The next morning.

The sound of bells were ringing in my ears. The noise was, piercing, deafening. I jumped up out of my sleep to see Charlotte rocking back and forth with her arms wrapped around her legs like a frightened child. As soon as she saw me, she stopped. I knew something was up with her. She acted saner than she was. Them kind of things, you can see in people’s eyes. Sometimes you can tell someone’s whole story.

“W-we have to go for breakfast.”

The breakfast was horrible, we had dry porridge and one CUP not glass, of water. Who tries to kill themselves with a glass? Exciting. I sat with Charlotte but she didn’t say much the whole time, she just watched the staff members warily as they hovered around us like birds trapped in cages.


As I sat in group therapy, I scanned the room for people who were as bored as I was. This dark-haired boy, caught my eye but he was already staring at me. He had scruffy, midnight black hair, a leather jacket on and these big boots. He wasn’t from the psych ward because he didn’t have a name tag on. He smiled when he realised I was looking him up and down but I quickly turned my head around; I wasn’t looking for another romantic interest to ruin my life. The people went on and on and on about their maniac lives that bored the living hell out of me.


I had stopped counting the days a few weeks ago, but I knew a good few months had gone by. We had no contact with the outside world because that was part of the whole “Process”. Stupid damn process, all I wanted to do was to speak to Aiden, to hear his voice. By now, he was probably all loved up with Mia, maybe even engaged now I was gone. Ok, that was an exaggeration, but you know what I mean.

I sat in the bathroom as per usual, because that was the only place that didn’t have cameras. As I began to walk out, the mysterious dark-haired boy, that’s what I had named him now, had walked in.

“Quickly, this is the only place we can talk.” He said, looking around the room for other people.

Suddenly, he pushed me up against the wall, putting his hands over my mouth. I tried to scream, but all that came out were murmurs. I hardly even knew this guy and he was all pressed up against me with his fingers resting neatly on my lips. My heart raced, I had never even been this close to Aiden before and we had kissed. He gestured to say, ‘Shut up, someone’s outside.’ As soon as he took his hand off from my mouth, I rapidly removed myself from his, body prescience I could say.

“They’re gone. Sorry about that.” He laughed, mocking my awkwardness.

“It’s fine. Now, what do you want?”

He didn’t say anything back, he just rummaged through his pockets, pulling out a credit card looking thing. I shrugged my shoulders, still not knowing what I had to do with any of this.  

“It’s a key card, we’re getting out of here!” he said, smirking.

“OH.MY.GOD. You better not be playing with me!”

“Nope, but, just don’t ask how I got this.”

 I grinned like a Cheshire cat, I was finally getting out of here.

“Wait, why me? We barely even know each other.”

“About that, I need your help. Well, I need your friends help, Charlotte, is it?” he said, as I nodded waiting for him to carry on. “She is going to be our distraction. We’re going to make her think she is coming with us so she can distract the security guard and we’re gone!”

“Are you fricking serious? You want me to leave my only friend in here?”

“Now I’ve said it aloud, it sounds worse than it is. You see, it’s too late for her.”

“What do you mean?” I said worriedly.

“Things are going on here, probably all illegal. People have been disappearing, taken in the night and then, POOF. Gone forever. I see you haven’t been taking the drugs, but she has. They mess with your brain, think about it… why would you give someone with a drug problem, drugs?” I was shocked, how did he know that? I was going to ask but there were too many more questions.

“Have you even thought about how you’re going to get us out of our rooms?”

“Yes, you think the doors are locked, right? Well, no. The doors are locked from the inside but always open from the outside. I also have a guy, that is going to delay the cameras for seven minutes while we try and get to the other side of the building. Then at the front door, Charlotte is going to create a distraction and the BAM.” 

“I-uh. I don’t know. If it really is too late for her then, shouldn’t we be helping her?”

“Once we’re out, they can’t chase after us. We can get the police to investigate what’s going on in here. Think about it, you have till 11pm in three days’ time.”

Three days had passed, I realised that he had a point. I couldn’t even sleep in here, the walls were so thin, I could hear the screams and the cries. Worth a million stories.

 In our art class, I scribbled on the back of my drawing. Remembering I couldn’t simply discuss it with the cameras on us. ‘11pm tonight, we’re breaking out of here. You in?’

“What do you think of my drawing, Charlotte?” after a few seconds of reading, she said…

“It is a great idea, the drawing. Absolutely amazing.” She smiled, playing along.

The day went on and my guilt had risen like the sun, just waiting to leave this poor girl.



I heard a familiar, deep voice whispering for us to come out. Gesturing for Charlotte to get up, he said ‘Hurry’.

We made it in the 7 minutes, everything was going to plan. Now waiting for Charlotte to do her distracting, we waited outside of the other door as my heart beat like a stick on a drum.  

The last thing that happened in them last seconds, I knew would haunt me for my entire life. We made it out, but we killed a girl in the process…


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