The Popular Boy

Clara is just into her freshman year of high school. She is the quite girl that nobody talks to. Then she gets partnered up with one of the Junior Baseball players named Tyson. She falls for him the first time they talk. But they come from two different world... Will they fall in love or will it all fall apart at Clara's feet.


2. The Secret

How could they be taking a break. Married people do not take breaks. They have fights but realize they love each other and they should stay together for their family for their kids. I just let the feeling set in. I fell asleep crying that night totally forgot about Tyson and meeting him Saturday. I woke up at 12 on Saturday evening and I had one miss call and 5 text messages. They were from Tyson. So I called him. 

"Hey finally." He answered the phone "I've been waiting how long were you sleeping."

"I'm sorry, i just learnt some bad news and I just did not wanna wake up, where do you want to meet?" I asked

"Hmm... how about the park on the west side of town?"

I thought about it. We both lived on the east wide. Not a lot of his friends go there so maybe he was trying to hide that he was going to be with me.

"Yeah, that's fine give me about 30 mins to get ready."

He asked me if I wanted a snack or anything but I denied I didn't feel like eating.  I searched my entire closet for something to wear. When i finally found something to wear I was in a dress. A dress. Why? I do not know I just thought about it and wanted to wear one today. 

My mom took this picture because I have finally went to "hang" with someone. 

So when i arrived to the park Tyson walked to my car and said Hi. He looked at me for a moment and i just got very nervous for no reason.

"Well we should get started now." I finally said something

After about two hours of talking about our project and getting all the information together for it. We just talked. 

"If you don't mind me asking what did you find out last night to make you cry and sleep all day." He hesitated but asked. I never had anyone to talk to about these things before so i didn't know how to open up. 

"Its okay, you can trust me Clara." He said. I wanted to tell him I didn't know exactly how to form the words at the moment. After ten minutes of silents. He stood up yawned and I didn't want him to leave so I graved his arm before he could walk off and stood up and said "Wait... I found out that my mom and dad are taking a break. I'm sorry I didn't answer you when you first asked. I never had anyone to talk to before about my feeling and things that are going on. I didn't know how to tell you, I didn't know how to form the words."

He watch me while I talked. I could see the way he looked at me that he felt bad. Like he wanted to make me feel better. He finally spoke "Clara my god, I am so sorry. I wish i knew what to say, but the truth is I don't know what to say."

I told him that it was fine because there is nothing him or anyone else can say or do to fix any of it. My parents will  eventually work everything out. We sat back down and talked. I pretty much did all the talking and venting while he just sat there looking and listening to me. We talked about why i stay to myself and don't join the crowd with the popular people and why I never dated anyone. He eventually asked if I was gay supporting it one-hundred percent.

"I'm not gay. I just haven't met anyone that is worth my time." I answered him.

When we went to say goodbye I felt that we could possibly be friends. 

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